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w8r2 - delayed but done


Well we had to take a couple of runs off as wife was not well, but meantime her blister has recovered and knee definitely improving and yesterday rather than go backwards in the programme we decided to plough on and do r2.

The weather really nice - temperature just warm enough to not feel cold during the warm downs but just enough breeze to be refreshing rather than chilly!

And it was an excellent run - we felt a little heavy after the break and a largish meal (albeit 2 hours earlier) but still a very positive feeling run. I even think we sped up a little over the last five minutes although I didn't have my tracker on so it may just be in the mind.

None the less we are progressively feeling that graduation is only a matter of doing it! Quite astonishing when one considers our initial efforts. It may be a soon as next Sunday even - and we will have a real bottle of bubbly on hand for that!

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Nearly there, well done so far! :)

I_can_runGraduate in reply to SuperMouse

Thanks :) we are well on our way now!


Slow and steady and ease your way to the podium :)

I_can_runGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Will do :) None slower or steadier than us! ;) Week 9 r1 next (yay!)

OldflossAdministrator in reply to I_can_run

We rock!

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