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W6R3 - blinky blimey!


After doing W6R2 at the end of last week, the plan was to try run 3 on Sunday.  However I could only run in the morning that day and I'm not that great at morning running so just repeated run 2.  Therefore today was the big day.  It was lovely and sunny but cold and quite windy, also I was running solo again today. I thought I would just see how it went, no pressure to complete it.

Took a circular route from my house, I prefer circular routes rather than running in laps around the park although the surroundings there are nice.  First five minutes felt quite hard as usual and I decided to run into the wind first, thinking I would be glad to have it behind me on the second part of the run.  After a few minutes I turned into the quieter part of the route and started to find a rhythm, though when the app said halfway I was convinced I had run for a lot longer than that!  I made a conscious effort to slow down a bit and kept going, by the time I reached 20 minutes I made the decision to keep going and finish the 25 minutes.

After about 22 minutes a car pulled up alongside and a man shouted for directions somewhere, and I am sorry to say guys that I just shouted 'sorry' to him and kept going.  I was not stopping for anyone!  So I made it, I finished.  3.2km in 25 minutes, 4.4km overall.  I have never run that long without stopping in my life, and it feels amazing.  It has taken so long to get to this point and I really didn't think I had it in me, but I did it!  When I reached the cool down, my legs felt so heavy I could barely pick them up and now i feel proper tired, but not in a horrible way.  Just can't stop smiling to myself!  Had a good protein rich dinner too and thinking of having a nice Epsom salt bath later to celebrate 😃. 

I know I haven't graduated yet, but it feels a momentous occasion to me so excuse me while I go mental - yyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa!!! 😄

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Woooohoooo!   What a fantastic post!  I feel your exhilaration and excitment coming through my screen. LOL

I think everyone prefers circular routes.  Laps of the same bit of road, track or trail just get too samey don't they.  

Good for you not stopping.  You were on far too an important mission to stop!  The very idea!!

Enjoy your Epsom Salts bath!

I'm still grinning, and still awake which is unusual for me!!

misswobbleGraduate in reply to LisaRose74

It's the adrenalin rush!  


Wowee - brilliant!

I don't blame you at all for not stopping for that man. He will probably have got directions from somewhere else. You were on a mission!

LisaRose74 in reply to Katie204

My initial thought was that he was purposely trying to sabotage my run but I may have been slightly paranoid there...😀

Katie204Graduate in reply to LisaRose74

I know how that can feel - but his intervention was perhaps just a freak of fate, to test your resolve :-)


Well done Lisa I was grinning ear to ear for a good few hours when I did my 25 mins and to be honest I still grin when I do the 30+mins,I am still amazed I have done it but my aim is to do 5k before mid May I am about .5k short of doing it.

Good luck with week 7 and beyond.


Thanks Butch, good luck with the 5k target 😀

It IS a momentous occasion, so you enjoy it!  This is a great run to get under your belt and now you have only 9 runs to graduation!!!  Remember the feeling - recall it the next time you ask yourself why you are bothering to run :) .


That's great! You can really call yourself a runner now!


Well done Lisa.  You were much more polite than I would have been if someone had tried to stop me :)  Nice to see you back in the game and good luck for week 7!


Well done Lisa wonderful achievement. I’ve just done my w6 run2 this morning so next one is the one you have just completed. I need to find a route where I’m not coming back uphill/ incline on the way back. I don’t want anything to sabotage me completing this. Great post and welcome to week 7 👍💕

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