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Redo all of c25k at a faster speed, or carry on with 30min runs trying to reach 5k?

I'm actually only on week 6, planning ahead for when I graduate! I don't know whether to go back to week 1 but up the treadmill to 5/6mph (I go reeaally slowly atm), or keep doing 30 min runs trying to go a bit faster each time?

Any ideas?

I'm kind of leaning more towards the first one, it'd be nice to go back and find 1 minute runs incredibly easy (hopefully) and remember what a struggle it was the first time!

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I've gone back to week 1 but am running at my "normal" get me through the 30 minutes pace as the walk section then upping it for the running sections. Helps to mix it up a little as I was getting a bit bored of the treadmill for 30 minutes...I may even venture outside once this awful "drought" stops leaving everything so wet and soggy.


Like some others, I am doing a mixture - one run intervals using the podcasts, another doing 5k (takes me just under an hour. Continuous running for nearly an hour? Me? What?) and the 3rd whatever - just bashing out the 30 minutes or so. The theory is that eventually I'll 'triple graduate' ie run 5k in 30 minutes.

I have found it easier to do intervals using Week 2. Week 1 was my toughest week and it still is now I've graduated! I do always run outside and choose lots of different places and surfaces.


I would see how you feel during weeks 7,8 and 9 as I found them quite different to the previous weeks (a real slog) and then decide what suits you best..

I also use week 2 for intervals and walk then run as fast as I can. It is surprisingly hard!!

Good luck - not long to go now!


I mapped out on what distance I was jogging once I got to week 8(didn't include the walking) Then Week 9 I added a bit more, I then found I was able to do 4Km jogging for 30 minutes. I then added an extra 1Km = 5Km in total to my route and worked away at it until I could jog the whole distance. By gradually adding distance I didn't really notice the extra that much. Then once I was able to run 5Km I did a couple of different routes, that made a huge difference and now I'm able to do most runs in 34.30 and trying to reduce it week by week. Hope this helps. I use my own music too and have said goodbye to the lovely Laura unless I use week 2 for interval training.


My speed on graduation was (is) incredibly slow (7kph was my graduation speed), so i am repeating for an increase in speed. Pushing the speed up is incredibly hard, its like starting afresh again!

Just finished week 3, doing the runs at 11kph. Week 4 will be interesting...


You could do both on different days when you run

1. try to achieve 5k in 30 mins

2. Interval speed traning using the previous weeks podcasts, It would make it more interesting


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