Couch to 5K

W4R1 done and it's really okay - All together now, "I don't mi-ind, it don't mat-ter"!

To all you week 4 starters this week and those soon to join us, I've just done week 4 run 1 and it was fine. I had serious doubts beforehand as usual but I assure you, we've become fit enough to do it. Those five minutes are just a bit more than last week and I found the first set really passed quickly. In the last 5 I was muttering "where are you Laura" under my breath, but nothing to worry about. You're ready for this!

The pelting rain this morning looked like a good excuse for me not to go out and try, and I spent several minutes at the computer looking at the weather forecast, running site about what to wear in the rain, went though the tags, blogs and questions on this no avail, nobody was there to tell me to go back to bed!

What to wear in the rain? It's 13° outside and heavy showers and I had a short waterproof jacket ready. In the end I dumped it and just went out in long leggings and a t-shirt. After the first walk I was already warm enough so - don't take more clothes than usual.

One slight worry - I think I'm developing a Paula Radcliffe-type bob when I run. The head doesn't nod down quite so much but my upper body is starting to roll rhythmically! Whatever - it seems to carry me on further, so be it! I also find repeating "I don't mi-ind, it don't mat-ter" in time to my steps helps too when the going gets tough. Luckily I didn't come across too many other people this morning!

Good luck to you all today or tomorrow - you can do it!!

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Great to here, thanks I start week 4 on Saturday so good to know :-)


Yes, you'll be fine. Best of luck.


Well done!!


week 4 was daunting to me (completed run 3 on Fri) but Laura is right, if you have done the program then its possible :)


Absolutely, she never asks us to do something we're not ready for. Of course it's hard work but I'm finding my stamina is definitely heaps better than at the beginning. Good luck with week 5.


I'm scared! Got to do it tomorrow, just downloaded the podcast and listened to the first few seconds to make sure it had downloaded okay, and the first thing Laura is coming out with is "We are getting serious this week!". Yes, clearly Laura, the first 3 weeks have been a doddle and obviously not challenged us at all - in fact, it was a breeze up to now! WAH!!!!


I managed mine yesterday - went out in t-shirt and joggers (and cap!). Got completely drenched but what a thrill to have got through it. W4R2 tomorrow on my 48th birthday so must do it.

Good luck all


We seem to be at the same stage. So far so good? Happy Birthday tomorrow, you young thing you, I'm 51! The first 3 weeks were very obviously designed to build up our fitness. My fitness level was very low and there was a lot of huffing and puffing. I find this week I'm handling the breathing better and my legs aren't so heavy.

Good luck and keep us informed how you get on.


I was given a new running jacket today by a friend at work so now I will look the part even if I don't live up to the look. I hadn't done any real exercise for years (apart from riding and mucking out someone else's horse twice a week) so I found it quite hard going but I am feeling positive about the future.

I really love reading about everyone else's progress - it really helps.

Good luck to you.


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