W4R1 done and by jingo it was hard work :-(

I managed the above run tonight, which went really well but i felt quite unwell after. I think maybe i hadn't enough during the day and was depleted of energy. Now i have had me din dins and a coke i feel better. How i manage to do the Parkruns i don't really know apart from maybe i am a morning runner rather than in the evening. When i run in the morning it always seems easier. Oh well, ii will have to try R2 on Sunday. Happy crimble everyone, Ed x


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13 Replies

  • My positive vibes must have been bit faulty tonight. Sorry ;-)

  • Ah its your fault is it? Oh well i forgive you :-)

  • Thank you Ed, I'm humbled :-)

  • No probs, just gets yer waves sorted love, i need to do R2 on sunday!

  • I meant to say please, awfully sorry!

  • Positive vibes already revving up :-)

  • Thats what i like to hear, i feel confident for Sun :-)

  • Well done BigEd for achieving your run. I must admit that I also prefer to run in the morning and I take my hat off to everyone who runs after work in the evening. But you have cracked the first run in W4 so the rest is easy!!! ;-)

  • Thanks Peabea, its all relative, i find all runs hard work its just slightly easier in the morning. I hope to progress a bit faster, it took me a month to complete W3!

    Merry crimble to one and all, Ed x

  • Well done Ed.

    I am surprised you find any part of the program difficult when you are able to run 5k at almost 6mph pace though. Perhaps you are running the intervals a lot faster than the rest of us, and needn't worry about ending up as tired?

  • Hi mdec, thanks for that. I suppose that is possible but i don't know how to measure that. My GPS just gives me an average but now i think about it, it is entirely possible i run 5k more slowly as i tend to talk to other runners as i go. I find if i do that, i can keep going to the end and i forget about the pain in my knees, shins, calves and feet, which is nice :-)

  • Well done on that run! Would hve been easy not to do it or to cut it short, but you did it! Hydration and nutrition are pretty essential, and obviously vary hugely through the day (I used to find running 1st thing impossible till I started sipping more through the day/evening and keeping a bottle of water by the bed to sip at if I woke and immediately on waking). If you can try remember to sip at water or juice or whatever through the day and have a snack half hour/hour before you run? I have half a bagel and a banana or a nature/cereal type bar.

  • Hi Deryn thanks for that. I know that i let myself become dehydrated, i find it very difficult to maintain my hydration. I seem to have to drink about 2 ltrs of water a day, i don't have time to drink that much at work, i am a busy boy! The alcohol doesn't help either! I like a drink though. That just makes me more determined to finish the runs though! how is Wales by the way?

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