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Week 1, Run 1, think I'll sleep well tonight!

I've never been in the best of shape and for as long as I can remember I've been unhealthy, unfit and overweight! On Thursday (14th June) I'll be turning 20 and in September I'll be starting a degree in Early Childhood Studies, and with all these life changes happening (my family and I are currently moving from the midlands to North Devon!) I finally feel ready to make other changes in my life!

I'm currently on the Slimming World diet, I know there are a lot of opinions on diets like this but it works, my Mum has lost 8 and a half stone over 3 years, slowly but surely and this has encouraged me to finally do something about my weight, I'm 5 foot 2 (+ an important half inch) and I'm currently 16 stone 1.5 pounds (starting weight 16 stone 11 and a half pounds), so I have a long way to go! I've always eaten pretty healthily when it comes to meals, I enjoy healthy food, but I'm a binge eater when I'm bored and that's where all the problems started! I've read on this site that weight loss doesn't happen for a lot of people who are doing this and that's ok, I'd rather be overweight and getting fit than overweight and half dead at the top of a flight of stairs!

So today I ventured out of my house for the first time in joggers I didn't know I still owned and trainers I've hardly ever worn, ipod and water in tow, and stupidly I didn't use my hayfever spray before I left the house and walked to a place surrounded by freshly cut grass! So my chest was tight before I even began, not a great idea! I only managed 15 minutes of the first podcast (excluding the talking at the beginning) so I think that was 3 60 second runs? But I'm quite please with that, I'm hoping next time I go out I'll be without a hayfever tightened chest and it might be a little easier!

Almost a year ago while in North Devon I walked up a really steep hill and almost threw up I was so out of breath, I ended up walking back down and going back to the house where we were staying, before I leave for university in September I am DETERMINED to walk up that hill without wanting to give up and without feeling as unfit and ashamed as I did in that moment.

Not all of my blogs will be this long I'm sure, but once I get going apparently I can't stop haha!

Speak soon!

Kelly :)

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Good on ya, I am on Wk1 and have done run2. It is all very strange and new to me! :)


Hi Kelly and welcome.

I am new to this blog as well and I have just finished W4 r1. I have amazed myself at how I am running now, in the short distance between W1 and W4. Just concentrate on the next run and putting one foot in front of the other!

I did week 2 twice as I didn't feel ready to move on. You know what your body can do but this plan is great so stick to it.

Well done on the weight loss I'm sure by September you will have run up that hill and be screaming from the top of it - you go girl!


Well Done Kelly, I'm on week 1 and have done run2. Keep it slow and steady, my first session I only managed the first 3/4 runs but 2nd run I slowed myself right down and got through the whole podcast :)

Keep taking the hayfever medication regularly too!!!

Keep up the good work!


Well done Kelly. It will never be as hard as it was today. I read that on this forum before my 1st run and it really is true. I am also doing C25K in conjuction with slimming world and have lost 9.5lb in 3 weeks. This program has really kept me focused on the diet. I wanted to die on the first run and thought that it was impossible to run for more than 60 seconds. Today I did W3R1 which is 90 secs and 3 min intervals and I did it. Not only did I do it but because I over indulged yesterday with some crisps and a chicken tikka kebab, when I was due to do my 5 min cool down, I restarted the podcast and did it again. This program really is achievable and whilst it pushes you to your limit each time, you are able to to push yourself a bit further next time. Keep up the good work and make sure to eat some carbs on your running days. Good luck and keep us posted.


Well done Kelly and good luck with the rest of the programme. I lost four stone over the last 18 months and I promise that the hardest part is getting started and making healthy changes to your life, and you have already done that! Go for it xx


Hi Kelly! I'm overweight too, my wedding next year is my motivation to lose weight. I started C25K two months ago and im still on week 1, I don't think there is a rush, your body will tell you when it's ready to move on. I can run all of the 60 minute runs in week one now but it still kills me, I have a lot of shin, ankle and hip pain otherwise I think I might of progressed by now. Anyway my point is I have only lost a few pounds in weight but the difference in my health already has been amazing! I can walk around more easily without getting achy and tired, everyone has noticed that my clothes fit me better and I'm more visibly toned. That's the only thing that keeps me running through the pain. I don't enjoy running at all haha. One tip I can give is that if you are aching after runs try swimming or yoga inbetween because they have really helped stretch my muscles that I hadn't been using all this time. Good luck! Xxxx


Good luck Kelly! It sounds like you have all the motivation you need to do really well. This program is excellent - I can't believe how far I have come in such a short time. Lucy x


Well done Kelly. Stick with it and in future you can use running to avoid proof reading your dissertation just like me!!

Sincerely you can do this. Trust your body and Laura and you'll be defeating that hill in no time


i have just downloaded the podcast and plan to run tomorrow (currently working night shift so already knacered without running!) I'm glad you mentioned swimming "fairysam" as I used to swim a lot and had originally planned to go back to swimming until found this plan, I was wondering about doing the c25k plan 3 days a week and swiimming once/twice a week with the other day as rest but not sure if that will be too much given I am unfit and hate exercise ;). I am a student so can't afford slimming classes right now hence the appeal in running as it's free :), i'm hoping though that if I cut out the crappy foods and do more exercise, drink more water then some weight will come off! Good luck everyone!!


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