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Week 4 run 1 - got very emotional!


I am still so chuffed to bits that I, unfit, overweight, little ole me, ran for a 5 minute stretch without stopping today, and for a total of 16 minutes this morning. I nearly cried when I had finished the first 5 minute stretch and then did actually cry at the end when Laura said I had run for a total of 16 today! Anyway, nothing is going to bring me down from my post running high today. :)

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Well done! The high from a good run and the feeling of progress is pretty unbeatable. Hope the rest of the week goes as well (I'm sure it will, now you know you can do it) :)


Well done :-)


Well done SuzukiLisa. I felt the same when I did run 1 and this morning run2, but like I said on my own blog it is the music on the last 5min walk the first tune does it to me. I am trying to find out what is is. Keep up the good running and high feeling.

Well done, I'm delighted for you! R1W4 was really emotional for me too, I just wanted to hug people afterwards!


Good for you! I'm also in week 4 and am amazed I can go for 5 whole minutes when just a few weeks ago 90sec was a challenge. Keep up the great work, we can do this!

Fantastic - well done!

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