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Week 4 run 3 (tomorrow) - Blog post 1

Week 4 run 3 (tomorrow) - Blog post 1

I thought I'd record my thoughts on here, as much for myself to look back on as for anyone else.

I'm 31 years old, 18 stone 6 pounds and was told last week that I'm diabetic (type 2). I haven't been able to get an appointment with the diabetic nurse until 6th June so I don't even know if I'll need medication or anything at this point. Fortunately I had already started C25K when I was told and I know that it's more important now than ever to persevere. It has made me even more determined to see it through.

Like many, I've found the progress through C25K astonishing. I couldn't run for 3 minutes at the start of week 1 without practically keeling over. Now I'm doing two 5 min runs as well as two 3 min runs in one session with only half that in walking/recovery time between the runs.

I am dreading but strangely curious/excited at the prospect of a 20 min run at the end of next week. I think I will be playing the Rocky theme tune on my iPod before I attempt that one, that song always gets my adrenalin going!

Next I need to tackle my eating habits and cut down on the carbs and sugary snacks. I've got myself some smart scales which have a usb port to download the last 30 or so readings to my laptop to keep a tally on my weight loss. I sincerely hope that I can look back at this in a year or so and be proud of myself - it feels like a distant prospect at the moment.

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Best of luck with it all - you can do this! Your determination has served you well with c25k so far and I'm sure you will be digging in for those longer runs soon :) I'm interested in those scales - I'm currently relying on MyFitnessPal to help me with my calorie control, but of course it does rely on me not over-estimating my portion size. Hopefully the diabetic nurse will come up with some great suggestions to help as well. Keep blogging to let us know how you get on.


You should already be proud of yourself. You're already on the journey to getting fitter, and hopefully you will get guidance about your diet. You've recognised that a change must be made, and taken action. Good on you!

This is an entirely non-medical peice of advice but I have heard that type 2 can be massively helped or even reversed by changes in diet and exercise. All is not lost.

Great to know the programme is helping you just like it's helped so many people. I could hardly run 90 secs when I started and I did the infamous week 5 R 3 20 mins on Tuesday and completed. (Wasn't pretty though!) Good luck with your journey. And remember, be proud every day that you take a positive action for your health.


Hiya Finnbee, and a huge welcome to this forum. So good to read of your aims and to sense the real determination coming through your blog! :) I'm one of the older C25Kers on here, twice your age (with a son your age), I started back in wintry Feb and graduated a couple of weeks ago.

I was overweight too and now I'm starting to feel all the positives of this schedule! :D Be completely assured, it does work! My weight is falling - very, very slowly - so, I'm watching the diet very carefully now too! My shape is changing, my mood is a happy/positive one, my skin is glowing, and my asthma is majorly improved (the winter had me gasping through most of it after bronchitis too).

I think many find that the first place for shape change to notice is in the re-appearance of a waistline. Certainly was the case with me - yippee ... And I also think its a waist measurement which diabetes nurses check regularly. ;) You'll do just fine - I will bet that you are going to be another C25K superstar. Lots of luck with all your efforts. Keep blogging too, these folks will be your constant support network - they share joy of your successes and come up with heaps of helpful advice if/when you ever have a tough patch (they do happen :( ) but these guys will boost you onwards and upwards all the way! :D

Take care, best wishes Linda x


Well done for your progress so far. The hardest thing is admitting to the need for change and you've got over that hurdle.

I know Type 2 Diabetes can be reversed by excercise, diet and weight loss, my cousin did it.

Take care and well done you!! :)


well done you, you are doing amazingly....keep on going with it, and I think you will be looking back on the year and feeling immensely proud :)


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