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Week 5 Run 3..feeling a tad proud

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I am so proud of myself, never in a million years would I have thought that I could run for 20 mins non stop. I am laughing to myself at the thought of me the first week when to run for 1 min seemed a huge task. Its a miserable day but i am getting those running shoes on to tackle the first run of week 6. Today i have finally got my head round to stop smoking too, just imagine how much better I am going to be without cigarettes......if I can run for 20mins on the ciggies I will be flying soon. We are officially a non-smoking household wish me luck fellow c25k's

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Well done you :) Good luck with W6. Keep posting on here! :)

Great job! W6R3 is always a milepost...and doesn't it feel wonderful to have passed it? Keep up the great work, and keep posting so we know how you're coming along...(and best of luck with the quitting smoking...wise decision on your part)


Good luck with wk6, I stopped the ciggies before doing the runs (by a year), but can tell you that a healthier you all round can never be a bad thing!

The deeper breaths will all help you as you work to improve your fitness in the weeks to graduation.


Well done its a great feeling to get that one under your belt.


Just think how much lovely new running gear you will be able to buy with your ciggie money. Good luck with it,our eldest son stopped nearly 4 months ago and says he feels like a different person. Granddaughter says he was manic for a few weeks but now he smells nice instead of like an ashtray!! Out of the mouths of babes comes honesty. :)

Well done.


Oh well done you!

Its a brilliant feeling to complete wk5r3 isn't it? Well done! And much congratulations on quitting the ciggies, another great achievement! :)

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