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Week 5 Run 3 smashed - from 60 second runs to 20 minutes in 5 weeks!

Sooo, struggled to run for 60 seconds in the first session, each week I’ve looked at the ‘jump’ in run time and thought ‘I can’t do that’ and surprised myself by doing it. Was supposed to do Week 5 Run 3 (20 mins with no break) on Friday ... then Saturday ... then yesterday... today I finally stopped putting it off and did it!

And I was surprised at how natural it felt. I have long since stopped listening to music whilst I run (I find it doesn’t stop my brain from focusing on trying to work out how much longer I have to run for), so last week I tried listening to podcasts.

This session though I knew I’d need something even more distracting, so I actually watched Netflix (I am on a treadmill, so that’s safe to do!). I found it distracted me enough that I wasn’t focused on the time I had left, and I surpassed my expectations and ran the whole 20 minutes non stop and at the same pace throughout!

I even found that I had got my breath back by the end of the 5 minute warm down walk, and I don’t feel like I’m going to collapse, or like I can’t walk anywhere for the rest of the day - I feel great!

So, if you’re scared at the thought of Week 5 Run 3 please do be reassured that you have done the groundwork and you can do it.

I finally feel like a runner 🏃‍♀️

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Kay well done... I know how you feel... I find it amazing I can run over 20 minutes without stopping! And it will get better as you move towards 30 mins !!!


Thank you, that’s good to know 😁


Woohoo, amazing! Isn’t it the greatest feeling knowing that we’ve achieved so much?

Very well done! 😀😀


It certainly is! Thank you 🙂

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Well done sounds like a really good run and surpassing expectations is always good 👍🏻🙌😊


It’s given me confidence for running 20min+ next week 😀


Hi Kay

Well done. This is good to know as I have to do this tomorrow morning and was a bit surprised when I saw how long it was, but they say Trust the process.

Happy running


Thanks Lala,

Yes, it does seem a weird jump, but I was surprised at how it didn’t seem that much more - Sarah counts down every 5 minutes, and I was thinking ‘it must be about 5 mins’ just before she said it, so it definitely didn’t seem longer than it was!

And when she said ‘you’ve done ten minutes, you’re halfway through, you can do it’ I said aloud ‘yes, I can do it!’ and that felt really good.

Good luck for tomorrow 😀


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