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What a feeling!! Week 6 Run 3

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Just finished week 6 (although actually week 8 as repeated a couple of runs & holiday interrupted the sessions).

So 8 weeks ago I struggled to run for 60 seconds. Today, kept it nice & slow & steady. When I heard "one minute left" I was surprised and amazed as I thought I could keep going if I needed to. I didn't, but I am no longer daunted by the thought of 25 minutes non-stop on Saturday. Still in shock!

Thanks to everyone on here. Whenever I feel a wobble I look at your comments and keep the mantras in my head, slow as I dare, feet kissing the ground. Oh, and to all of us worried how we look. I have now been spotted on runs by neighbours, friends, strangers, and everyone has congratulated me. I haven't spotted anyone giggling and we all have to start somewhere.

It's great to be off that couch!

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Well done W6R3 is one of the best runs. You are a real runner now!!

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WendyHCGraduate in reply to Whatsapp

Thank you. It is actually starting to feel like I might be a runner. I can keep up with the kids now which was my main reason for starting this programme.

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WhatsappGraduate in reply to WendyHC

Yes I started it because I wanted to be fit enough to run with my kids. I now run with them at the park run or junior park run most weekends.

Check out your nearest Junior park run parkrun.org.uk/events/junio...

It is 2km, so very doable at your stage of the programme and you can run with your children whatever age they are. I run with my youngest, whilst my eldest speeds off ahead. I don't get to register a time but the kids do and they get coloured wrist bands when they have completed a number of runs.

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WendyHCGraduate in reply to Whatsapp

Helpful link. Will look into it. Trying to drag my nearly teenage daughter out of bed on a Saturday morning will be my next challenge!

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Bet they wish they could be like you, too! We should all wear one of those cheesy "Want to run? Ask me how!" buttons...

Do you think we could organise a ritual couch burning session.... probably not the fumes would likely kill us all. Well done on being a fellow couch kicker

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WendyHCGraduate in reply to Jancanrun

No, I need to recover on the couch!! Thanks.

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Jancanrun in reply to WendyHC

Fair point

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Oh yes..my favourite expression..kissing the ground with your feet.. :)

Very well done you.. all those onlookers are all positively green with envy and wishing it was them running by!

Now, the runs get longer and you will really start to feel your happy pace kicking in... just relax and enjoy !

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GiGillGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Hahaha, still looking for my "happy pace" having just completed my first 25 minute run yesterday!! Think I am feeling OK to do another tomorrow (surprisingly)... have measured out 5k on Google Maps round a local route and going to see how far I get round it!! (Starting and finishing at home, I'll just walk the remainder if I don't get right round, which I'm sure I won't!!)

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