Wk1 R1 Yay!

Just completed my first ever run since leaving school 30 years ago and I'm still alive to tell the tale yay! Got up at 8am on a saturday in the rain but managed it. It wasn't as bad as I thought but brought home how unfit I am. This is the only exercise I have done in years and after recently losing weight decided running was my next challenge. 3 hours later my legs are aching a bit but I carn't wait until monday for day 2. Anyone unsure just try it like most things its never as bad as you think!

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  • Absolutely its one of the best programmes ever I was nearly dead doing the early runs but Laura got me through completed week 5 yesterday.

    Keep going its addictive.

  • Thats fab completed wk 5 well done :)

  • Well done! Keep it up, it does get easier. I finished Week 4 this morning.

  • That's brill bet you feel good :)

  • Well done! Isn't it great? I was like you 3 weeks ago, no sport for 33 years and then, wow, I just broke into a run! It's amazing and it gets better and better. Glad you've joined us and good luck with run 2.

  • Well done to you too :) nevertoolate great name!

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