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YAY - Shiny Green Badge!!

Whooo, just noticed the fantastic adornment next to my name! Wow, that looks good! My first day as an Official Graduate. Thank you JR21!!

Shame I accidentally deleted today's stats from my Garmin after I uploaded them and don't have a record of my run! I thought they'd still be in the device and I could re-upload them but it seems not.

Not that it was that great mind you, I've had really achy ankles knees and legs since Monday, which I haven't experienced since Week 1, and haven't felt right somehow. Nothing in particular, just feeling a bit run down generally. (definitely no pun intended!!)

Anyway, forced myself out and didn't feel too bad but just didn't have the staying power so ended up doing a 13min & 12min. Strangely, I think my pace was a little faster - maybe that's why I struggled - but I didn't feel I was going too quickly. Hey ho, two shorter runs are better than no runs, I say!

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Congrats to you! It must feel great! :)


Woohoo! Well done!


Well done, dottiemay! Why don't you put in an extra rest day so you're feeling tip top for your next post-grad run. What are you planning to do now? 5k+, or something else? :)


Dont over analyse it, you have graduated, really well done! Ed x


Woohoo congratulations!!! Must feel great :-)

Did the magic green badge just appear? How do they know?!


That badge looks incredibly on you!!! :-)

Keep Running!! :-)



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