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Hoorah! Wk1 R1 Completed!

After thinking for some time that I need to complete R1, I finally did it! I ran with my husband (his first run too) he goes under the name of Magnum. If anyone has ever seen Zoolander you will understand the names connection and the hint of sarcasm - because never have two people looked less 'model like' at the end than us!

However we maybe red faced, sweaty with bodies that are defiantely not worthy of a catwalk it feels great to have completed R1 and we are looking forward to making sure we complete R2 on Tuesday (despite sore bodies on Monday!)

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Very well done Matil and its great to have a running buddy! :) Welcome to this forum and keep blogging to gets lots of encouragement and advice.

You have made the hardest step in getting started and if you take it slow and follow the programme you will get there, even if it takes longer than the 9 weeks.

Best of luck for Monday!

Sue :)


Well done! Hope you had the energy left to do 'blue steel' at the end ;)

Enjoy R2 :)


Congratulations, you have started a great journey and hardest bit of getting started has been completed :-)


Well done. You will have double the motivation if you have a running buddy.

Keep going, just one step at a time and you will get there. Have fun!


Welcome and Congratulations, Matil!! I just finished posting to your husband and happened onto your blog! It is so wonderful that you are able to do this as a couple. My wife, Gayle (gdeann) and I were able to complete the program together, also!! It is a great to have someone else doing the program with you and also there to hold you accountable!!

Welcome aboard and Keep Running!! :-)



Welcome! I belong to smhall and we ran the entire program together! We loved the journey so much, we just started 10K training! ;-) We have a few other husband/wife teams on here, seems to be gaining popularity. Wishing you two a great experience! Gayle


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