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Week 5 Done & Dusted

Started on Tuesday with run 1 following the previous days Jubilee celebrations - not a very good idea!! managed OK but slower than usual and cursed myself all the way round. Run two not too bad but was glad when the second 8 mins was over.

Run 3 this morning I actually enjoyed and found it better than the previous session - got into a stride and was actually glad it wasn't broken by a walking session.

Not lost any weight yet but not really bothered - I know it will come off eventually - I feel fitter and have bought some new shorts a size smaller as others were getting loose. I haven't run for this length of time since I was a kid and think its brilliant! Over half way now - roll on week 6.

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I know exactly how you feel I finished week 5 yesterday and felt I could conquer the world.

Look forward to seeing you in week 6.


"felt I could conquer the world"... thats exactly how it makes you feel isn't it. I finished week 4 this morning so a week behind you but loving it. Can't wait to start week 5 :)


Cheers! and good luck :-)


I'm facing week5 run 3 on Tuesday and I wasn't looking forward to it until I read your comments. Hopefully, it will all fall into place! Thanks!


I'm sure you will be fine - all the best for Tuesday :-)


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