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Can I miss a week??

Hi Just done W4R4

...I'm off to deep rural France on Monday for a weeks R&R - the place we stay has VERY steep hills all around and I just know it will kill me if I attempt to run I aim to run on Sunday W5R1 but is it ok not to run again until friday night - should I repeat a run from week four or can I continue with W5R2 .... so many questions! loving the programme very addictive I'm almost a runner!

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I would carry on where you left off and if you walk some of those hills while you're in rural France, you won't notice that you haven't been running when you take up w5r2. You are already a runner! Have a good time.


My initial reaction was nooooo...but I think if you can do a lot of walking you will be absolutely fine :) Have a great time!


Just carry on, you will be surprised. Think of it as extra rest so you will run better rather than any loss of fitness.

Have a lovely time.


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