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Can I Maintain Fitness Running Twice a Week


Hi All,

Looking for some advice from all you running pro's.

I've only 4 runs left before I complete the program. Between working, going to college, family life and kids activities I can only go running on a Monday and a Friday. My question is once I complete the program should I stick to just running on these days or should I run on a Saturday or a Sunday, bearing in mind it's a consecutive days. Until I finish college next April I just want to maintain being able to run for 30 / 40 mins (hopefully I'll get up to 40mins).

All advice greatly appreciated.

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If 2 days is what you can fit in around your busy week then that's what to do. It's a bit early to run on consecutive days yet . Good luck and enjoy your weekend 😊😊

I am a cross trainer. I love my gym, hiking and swimming. There are only so many hours in the days so I have always trained for my Half marathons twice a week. I give myself lots of extra weeks to complete my training but I have now done six of them and never felt like I wasn't trained up for them. occasionally I will run three times a week but predominantly it is twice as when I started I was training for a triathlon and my plan had me running twice a week, swimming twice a week and cycling twice a week. That was a bit hectic. Any amount of runs is better than non and twice is better than three too close together. Happy running. Rfc x

alpacagirlGraduate in reply to Realfoodieclub

Thank you Realfoodieclub that is so helpful. I have restarted Couch to 5k after graduating and keeping it up for over a year then relapsing for quite a while. I am currently on week 5 but really I don’t manage 3 runs a week (time, weather, laziness 😬) I usually do 2 but try to get in a couple of longish walks in addition. I have recently put the Active 10 app on my phone to make sure I am doing something each day.

I guess 2 runs a week is better than nothing😂


Sure. What you can do is what you can do. If you can keep getting out there, you’ll consolidate your gains and be ready for a new plan after your college course finishes. Just don’t push your speed or distance too hard and all will be well. If you’re headed for 40 minutes, just do it gradually - creep up one of your runs by a minute or 2 each week while you consolidate. Happy running. 😄


100%! Just do what you can 👍🏻😁

Thank you so much to everyone for replying. I was thinking I'd have to give it up as I thought two runs a week wasn't enough. You have given me the encouragement to keep running so thank you.


One or two runs a week is absolutely fantastic I currently operate on that process fitting in what I can sometimes I am unable to run in the week at all but it’s not caused a problem. Keep doing what your doing. Good luck do not run on consecutive days that could increase risk of injury. Plenty of fluids and you will be fine.


The most important thing is to not only keep running but to enjoy it! It’s great you can fit it in twice a week. Enjoy whatever you are able to do😀


I trained for my half marathon on 2 runs a week, so it’s most definitely totally fine! 🥰

Papillon17Graduate in reply to Becky1606

I have one booked for March and I fully expect that I will have done most of my training for it by then on two runs a week.

Papillon17Graduate in reply to Becky1606

Becky1606 what did you take for your half marathon?

Becky1606Graduate in reply to Papillon17

Im terms of energy? A packet of fruit pastilles!! And I had some porridge before then. I find energy drinks give me a really upset tummy

Becky1606Graduate in reply to Becky1606

Which half have you booked?

Papillon17Graduate in reply to Becky1606

I am doing the London Vitality BigHalf on March 1st.

Becky1606Graduate in reply to Papillon17

Amazing I liked the look of that one!

Papillon17Graduate in reply to Becky1606

Still some charity places left

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