Week 6 Run 2 done! and why I love TK-MAXX

Week 6 Run 2 done! and why I love TK-MAXX

Week 6 Run 2 done - ran in a different part of town today to liven things up - really didn't feel like going out was tired from a long day at work, bit dehydrated and hungry! hehehe not the best combination but felt so good pounding the streets & coming home knowing it was done :D yay!

Hmmmm..... I do have to be a bit careful with W6R3 on Friday as my heart (have a treated heart condition) was v.fluttery tonight after my run & I need to be watchful. I've not had full (200bpm) palpitations since 2010 and really, really don't want to trigger off my condition again. I think it was just the dehydration... keep your fingers crossed for me!

PS Anybody plowing on through the Couch to 5k with any kind of long term condition/injury - fair play and extra kudos as I know what strength it takes to finely balance the wish to succeed with your health! :D we can do it!

PPS Piccie is from my run - not the best pic but my excuse is I did take it mid-stride - was nice to go to explore a different park :D


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3 Replies

  • hhahaaaa I so forgot to add the bit about TKMaxx! :D £50 spent for some really decent running shorts (they're fab & don't ride up!), running leggings and two tops :D nearly spent a fortune online so v.pleased with my purchases!

  • Thanks for the fashion tip. Sounds like a good run. Inspriational when people run with health problems. Occurs to me that isotonic sports drinks might be a good idea for you to make sure your electrolytes are topped up before and after a run in warm weather. I used them the other week when it was very hot and I really think they helped.

  • Oooh Hi Rhona - thanks for the tip I'll get one in for Friday - you've also reminded me to make sure I nibble on a banana as they really help me - A nurse mentioned it's down to the potassium which I occasionally get a bit low on & can affect heart rhythms - have a good week! :)

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