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Week 6 Run 2 done!

For the first time I skipped a rest day today and headed out two days in a row as I have a big meeting/presentation tomorrow at work and have a feeling it'll drag on into the evening so I could well miss my usual run.

As Laura has been banished after past transgressions I programmed the appropriate intervals into Runkeeper and set off. I do think i was a bit over confident today and went off a little fast, but I did manage to keep up the pace for both intervals but it was quite hard work! I also went a different route that was a bit more open so found myself seemingly running into the wind all the way!

I feel physically absolutely fine and I think none the worse for running two days in a row - not that I'm planning on repeating that any time soon as I know the rest days are very important!

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well done...and sometimes needs must!!! Good luck with the presentation :)


Well done for getting run 2 of the week behind you. Whilst I don't agree with running two days in a row (because of the increased risk of injury) I appreciate that life does get in the way and sometimes a gal's gotta do what a gal's gotta do! I'm pleased it worked out for you. You'll have a straight 25 minute run next time out which you will be able to get into your stride. Good luck and best wishes.


I completely agree, and it was a worry. Like I said I won't be rushing to do it again. :)


Well done on your W6R2! :-) This run is tricky and you did very well indeed to say you didn't have a rest day! Good luck with the presentation, and of course, run three! :-)


Good luck with the presentation and well done on completing another run especially during evil week 6 and without a rest.


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