Hi Guys, week 7 run 2 and a fail!!!!

Hi Guys, not spoken for a while I hope you are all ok and keeping up the good work.

After my triumphant week 5 I charged through week 6, feeling really pleased with myself. Then came week 7 and run 2 - I did this today and completely failed!! Only got to 12 and a half minutes and just stopped! I just couldn't carry on. I wasn't breathless but my legs appeared to take on a mind of their own and like a naughty puppy wouldn't move. It was so bizarre.

So I've come home all deflated and had a long shower. I'm going to keep going because I know I will get through it, so it is very frustrating, has anyone else had this?

Plus, I don't know about you, but isn't the music really boring??? I might do a playlist of my own and see if that helps?

How are you all getting, well I hope??



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16 Replies

  • You haven't failed, just had a bad run!!! Think back a few weeks when running for half a minute would have been tough let alone 12.5 mins! Just draw a line under it and move on to the next one, I am sure it will be better!!

  • I found the music really boring too for week 7, so went back to Week 6 - Run 3 which is still 25 mins but I found the music marginally better and a bit more motivating

  • You are right, do your own playlist, just use a timer on your phone for the start and stop of the run. Sometimes you just have a crappy run...

  • It's disappointing for you but really nothing to worry about - we all have bad days. I got through week seven by changing routes to make it more interesting, otherwise it seems like a long, hard slog - I was on holiday which helped because I had totally new things to look at. Your own choice of music will almost certainly help. Good luck next time :-)

  • Cheers guys, should I go onto run 3 or redo run 2?

  • go on to run 3

  • I'd go on to Run 3, I think, or just do the run then decide whether or not it was 2 or 3, depending on how ready you feel for week 8.

  • Thanks

  • I failed four times before I managed the 25 mintues. Maybe it was because I put on my own music after "knowing" that there will be a 12,5 minute announcement from Laura and that I would have to go the way back and I failed at that several times before...

    Then two days ago I put on my own music and ran for 25 minutes straight. I didn't even change the route much, I just was happier singing along in my head to music with lyrics! I'm not saying it wasn't hard, but I did it and it certainly felt a lot better and "lighter" (not saying easier) than with the podcasts (Sorry, Laura!).

    Good luck with the next run!

  • When you get to week 8 there is this really weird song in the middle, all growly and menacing. Someone else had pointed it out and it has become a little laugh for me to look forward to now. When I was listening to the boring ones in week 7, I remember that I would try to guess whether the tune would EVER have any vocals or whether it was all instrumental. And whilst puzzling over these matters I would discover that I had run for another 2 minutes without noticing. Then I would be thinking 'are these cover versions or originals?' and start thinking about copyright law (about which I know nil) and wonder how this free podcast was funded, whether it was from the NHS budget (yup, another 2 minutes bites the dust) and so it ended up not mattering so much about the music being dull. I think that when I'm a graduate (I hope.......) I will treat myself to something more boppy and inspirational. I dont think I could run without Laura yet though. Good luck for W7R3.

  • Hi, I had a bad week in WK6, just pace yourself and keep going ............I am now on WK8 R3 and I can't belieive I can actually run for 28mins is amazing and you'll feel the same I promise, pam

  • Cheers guys. When we started I thought the music was quite good - kinda kept me going. Unless I was just concentrating so hard on my breathing, that now that's easier I'm listening more? Don't know, but I am going to try my own playlist and see how it goes.

  • BTW I still can't believe I am running for so long either!

  • I almost did the same thing - stopped just before the 12.5 minute point but then started up again. I definitely think it is the music. Although I'd got used to the music up to week 7 I had got to know the words and sang along with it but this week was boring and a lot of instrumental pieces. Definitely thinking of going back to week 6 r3.

  • HI. I failed on this same run yesterday. My legs just stopped working. I went out without laura for the first time (that was a challenge in itself!) I had made a 25 minute playlist but only managed 22 mins. I actually found my self missing the prompts from Laura. Shame you can't have both! Good luck on run 3.

  • This happened to me too so went back and redid week 6 for a couple of weeks. I've just completed week 9 run 3 yesterday and can now run 30 minutes!! I find music really helps me and have never used the podcasts. I use an app which allows my own playlist whilst I'm running. It offers no advice though, only lets me know when I'm halfway, nearly there and instructions so feel I'm missing out a tad. I'm now looking at the couch to 10k app which is free and will start that tomorrow redoing the week with the 30 minute run which I find hard.

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