Couch to 5K

Week 6 runs done - Personal Forrest Gump moment!

Today I ran for a whole 25 minutes and broke the 3 mile milestone. The most surprising thing for me is I actually feel a bit underwhelmed with it; I felt like I could do more which I'm sure must be the adrenaline talking :)

I've had to do the whole week on my treadmill as my experiment with dragging the kids along didn't turn out too well but I have learnt that my garden is teeming with frogs! I think I spent most of w6r1 completely distracted by the little amphibians that it was over before I knew it. I was looking forward to W6r2 so much that I bribed the kids with my last Lush bath bomb (it was a twilight bb so it was big deal) so that I could run without the inevitable train/car treadmill training that seems to go on at the same time. I spent the runs willing the end so I could scratch a few bites I have on my ankles and consistently making mental notes ranging between making a quick visit to the vets to get the good stuff and ways to get rid of the bloody cats (the extreme obviously towards the end of the 10 minutes!)

And then there was today's run. w6r3. The first run where I realized that I wasn't even thinking much about running and hadn't done for the entire week. So my calve muscles cramped a bit; just ran through it knowing that it will go. My breathing got a bit hard; just done a breathing exercise I've learnt during this program and settled back in to it.

I feel like I can run the world!

And obviously the cats are fine, during the 'not dying to scratch the itch desperately' frame of mind I opted for the vets visit :)

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Glad the cats survived ! Sounds like you are learning alot on the the way and overcoming each road block along the way. Well done.


Holy crow! 3 miles = 5K in 25 minutes! That is extremely fast, you speed demon you! Congratulations. :) If you are running 8 minute miles after only 6 weeks, you definitely should consider running park runs and races - you are likely a natural. That's really awesome for you. :)


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