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This Big Girl Did It: Week 4 Run 1!

I cannot begin to describe how nervous I was to run for 5 minutes today. I don't know if I've ever run 5 minutes. This was going to be huge.

I work full time and have decided I like running in the mornings before work. This morning I got up at 6:30 and headed out like I always do. I knew this week's podcast was quite a bit longer than week 3, so I tried not waste any time. Everything up to the first 5 minute run was no big deal. The 3 minute runs had been challenging last week, but today they came easily. As I ran the first 5 min., I couldn't believe I was doing it. The second time around, I was almost sure I would stop. It helped that I kept getting distracted by a nice looking house or taking deep breaths. Then it was over, and it felt GREAT to be done. It took me a while to cool down, but I feel so confident I can do it again. Hooray!

On a separate note, I went out with friends this weekend to take some pictures at the state park. My legs and arms looked horrible in almost every picture. This disappointment helped push me, I think. I have it set in my mind that once I can run for longer times, I will be able to finally lose weight. I don't think a 200 pound girl can stay at that weight while taking 30 minute runs all the time, right??

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It will drop off, but you have to change your diet as well. Jumping into both together seems to result in good losses. I was 304 lbs when i started i am now (as of this morning) 256 lbs.


well done you!


too lose weight you do need to change your diet as well as exercise. But hey you've started the journey!

even if youd don't loose weight initially i bet you'll notice a change in your body shape...would recommend you do measurements as well as standing on scales..

Good luck with your journey! :)


Well done you :)

This 170 lb short girl managed it so you can. Unfortunately just following the programme wont shift a lot of weight but once the running addiction kicks in (if it hasn't already) most people seem to just change their diet as you run better when you eat better. In either case running changes your shape, I am much more toned on my tummy and legs.

Good luck and keep running


You will get conflicting advice about the diet aspect - but my personal word would be to just get into the running for Mirella says, you'll probably find that your eating willl follow suit. I did it this way and am now (5 months in) beginning to see weight loss, but it hasn't been too arduous, just kinda natural really. And I'm not a great fan of 'change-everything-at-once all-or-nothing' regimes - it's too easy to fall off the wagon and say 'oh well, stuff it!'.

Well done for getting the bug!!! :-) :-) :-)


Oh well done you! I am in the same place and did my W4 R1 yesterday - probably at the same time as you! And it did feel ok and was I proud of myself - we ran for 16, thats 16 minutes OMG how did that happen! Will follow your progress, we can so do this! x


That's great...! I just did W4 R1 too, goodness knows how! haha. I just keep thinking that 'Laura' must knw something that we don't know about how much we our bodies can manage so with that in mind each time I go out I believe I can do it! Keep up the great work! :)


Well done you! :) I did this run on Monday and I fell at the last hurdle (last minute) hoping to push through tonight :)

Keep it up!! :D


got my first run of wk 4 on sunday .fingers crossed all will go well. and well done to you to. ;)


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