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Feeling alright

I say alright, it could be even good, but I'm at work today and that's putting a bit of a dampner on things!

Since graduating, Tuesday a week ago, I have been quite good about getting out and about. My first post-graduation run was horribly hot, I didn't make the full 30 minutes, but since then I have been trying to reach the 5k in each run. With mixed success. The first time I pushed to the 5k it took me about 35 minutes, then when I ran feeling quite fresh last Monday I did it just under 32. Wednesday I was back to around 35, today under 32 again. So, it's a bit mixed. Somedays I feel better than others. But i think running my 5k route is resulting in consolidation of my capacities. I've been generally pleased with the fact that I have kept it up, especially as I am going to be away for most of next week. My plan upon return is hopefully to start planning out what happens next. If the podcasts are out I will probably try them, otherwise plans that have caught my eye are the BUPA 10k plan and the ASICS one. I like the structure of having a programme, so was even half-thinking half-thinking about something like this: Ok, so I'd have to pay for it, but compared to a gym membership it's not that bad value. Has anyone heard of this website?

P.S. Edit to add: today, for the first time, while I was jogging on the spot waiting for the traffic lights to change, a totally hot guy checked me out from his car, then waved at me as he was going past! Must be doing something right! It certainly made the next 3km more bearable!

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Juicydee under her blog 'Fartlek and Green Day!' has got the link for the pilot speed up 5k. Sounds like you are more than ready for it. Congrats on the hot guy check!


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