On target feeling fantastic

On target feeling fantastic

Just wanted to share that I have hit 50% of my target for the year. There were times after the London 10k in January where I was sat on the Injury Couch wondering when I could run again and could I regain the fitness that couch to 5k gave me. It is now just over a year since I graduated and I am well on my way to running 1000kms this year.

If that wasn't good enough today I went for an interval run with my wife and dog. It was drizzly which felt brilliant. I bought Rowena a Garmin 910XT for Xmas as she prefers swimming but was inspired to try running. She has only been running since March so today we tried intervals using her heart rate as a guide we ran until her heart rate hit 170 then walked until it recovered to 140. Result was her furthest distance 7.85k in 1 hour and 3 minutes.

We got to run, we got to walk, our faithful hound trotted behind us the whole way and it was agreat start to the morning.

For all those on the IC - take time to recover you will get better. For those struggling - keep at it you will get through it and the rewards are truly life changing.

Happy Running all

Definitely GettingFitter


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20 Replies

  • Brilliant post GF! And great that you run together! 1000 km is amazing - is that 2 pairs of shoes ? ;)

  • I've got 3 pairs on the go at the moment and thinking of buying another pair ;-)

  • Ah lovely post G xxx Yep , no matter how bleak it may seem when you're sat on the IC , there is always that light at the end of the tunnel . Brilliant that your lovely wife is out there too !

    Well done to all , warmed mi' cockles did that :-) xxx

  • Thanks PP. How are you getting on?

  • I am having a week off G , I have a twinge in my hip again . Just going to rest it for a bit . I have got a R4L next Sunday and a 10k in Leeds on July 12th xxx

  • Wow sounds great PP. Good luck


  • Sounds perfect! How nice that all three of you run. I have the same goal for the year but admit I am trailing a it having been laid up for about six weeks with a bad chest infection earlier this year. Your success has spurred me on!

  • Oh Ully , I am sorry to hear that . Hope you feel better soon xxx

  • Sorry to hear your chest is bad. Dan Zargo was out for a bit recently but is getting back there now. Get well soon

  • Thanks both - I'm over it now - but it's still my excuse for falling behind in my planned distance! 😉😉

  • That's amazing G. What an incredible achievement, especially after the injuries etc. Hats off old boy!! Fnar fnar!

  • Cheers Dan!

  • Inspirational post GF :) Delighted that you're so well on the road to full recovery now and equally pleased that MrsGF is running so wel. Your comments about taking time to recover are indeed timely (couldn't think of a better word) and I shall be heeding them (a lot)!! :)

  • Thanks EpicMum. It was worth the wait! Hope you're on the mend

  • That's brilliant. Well done!!! Half way and more than half the year left!! You'll smash it!!!

  • Thanks Lou. I think so as long as I can stay off the IC ;-)

  • You will. You've done your time!! Sounds like prison!!!!!

  • Certainly feels like that when you're on the IC

  • Congratulations with the 500 km, that's a great milestone. And congrats to Rowena as well. Heart rate of 170?! Respect, that hard core!!

  • Thanks Tomas

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