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Feeling happier tonight

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Had a lovely run this evening. Definitely have made the right decision to ditch the Couch to 5K+ for now and just stick to 30 minute runs. I decided to try and go a bit faster this evening - usually I only cover 3.7K in 30 minutes which I know is pitiful compared to a lot of people on here, but tonight I covered 4.1K (which is still pitiful I know!) but it is an improvement so it's perked me up. Shower, change and a glass of red I think :)

Just edited to add this bit as I forgot on my original post, think my brain got waylaid with the thought of the wine. What I kept in my mind as I ran today was all the posts that I've read from various people over the last few days when I've been feeling a bit demoralised with my running - everyone is so determined. I kept remembering posts from people who have aching legs on weeks 1 and 2, people who have joint problems and sciatica, others who are building up to 10K or half marathons - and all the support and encouragement from everyone too, it really spurred me on. A big thanks to all of you out there.

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That improvement is great not pitiful! I have decided to stick to the 30 min runs too so I am enjoying it and not killing myself on every run which I had been doing. I reckon that if I keep doing that then my time will improve too.

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After graduating about 6 weeks ago I tried doing 5K which I managed but found really tough, and did the Stepping Stones and Speed podcasts but struggled with the Stamina. I just didn't really settle into anything so decided to go back to 30 minutes again and just see how that goes for a bit. I've definitely felt better sticking with what I know. Like you, I'm hoping that in time I'll improve.


Are you doing the week 9 runs, or do you just run for 30 minutes to your own music (or even without music)?

My runs are even slower than yours :(


Hey, that's great!!!!!!!! I haven't attempted the 5K+ podcasts yet............need to work on my distance at my own pace for awhile. Glad you enjoyed it........enjoy your glass of red! I am partaking in a beer and dinner cooked by the hubby!!!!!

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I tried going for a longer distance a few weeks ago and getting to 5K but found it really tiring. Think I need to take it much slower and try and build up over time. Dinner cooked by someone else sounds lovely - I must get my two teenage lads trained up!

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Definitely....it's not about how fast or how far your doing, it's about the fact that you are! I don't know about you, but I've inspired lots of my work colleges to start up as they have been jealous of my dedication and enjoyment of the plan! So yay us!

Enjoy the meal and wine - well deserved :-)

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Thank you - I'd actually forgotten about the food part (you can see what drives me, can't you?) but thanks for the reminder :)

That's a great improvement! Keep at it and you'll continue to get faster and stronger. Well done!

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Thank you and it's definitely spurred me on so fingers crossed.


I hope you are enjoying your glass of red...you deserve it, well done Sofaqueen XXX

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First couple of sips going down - heavenly! :)


Good for you sofaqueen, enjoy your wine!

Oh, and definitely recommend getting your teenage lads trained up to cook dinner - I've done that with my three teenage sons. Over the school hols they have had to cook dinner once a week each. We've had some "interesting" meals.... but at least it means I don't have to do it!

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I keep trying with the boys - they both can cook fine but just choose not to as they know I'll do it. I'd really hoped the older one would manage at least a few meals as he finished his GCSEs and has been off school since the middle of June but despite huge hints nothing happened. I think I'm too much of a pushover, I'll have to work harder at it!


SQ! The word "PITIFUL" is now BANNED!! For every use there will be a 10 point penalty!!!

Seriously, you MUST remember back to your PRE C25K life. Could you have run as far as you do now? Probably not. Could you have mustered up the effort to go out three times per week running? Probably not. BUT.....you ARE doing that now so do this.;

LIFT your right arm above your head and reach backwards. Lower your hand towards your back. Now PAT YOURSELF ON THE BACK!!

I too am a fan of swimming in a vat of red wine (I do so most nights) so stop beating yourself up, do your thrity minutes regularly and before long the dreaded "5K" will be but a mere bagatelle.

Go girl. :-)


Thanks DWZ, I've given myself a good talking to in the last day or so. 3 months ago I struggled with running for a minute and although my sacroiliac joint isn't happy with me today, I definitely am feeling happy with what I have achieved so far. I have to remember where I've come from instead of where I want to be. I'm going back to what I enjoyed in the Couch to 5K programme - running for 30 minutes three times a week and trying not to do too much too soon. Enjoy your running and your red too :)

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