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Keen 'un feeling down in the mouth

Hello lovely runners,

I've been sulking. So I'm hoping I can write about it here then forget about it.

Last week was the first week of my made up post-B210K running programme. In the week I did one hill run (30 minutes) and one 5K, all good so far.

Then at the weekend I went home to see my parents. Faced with a 'busy' weekend of catching up I hauled myself out of bed at 6 a.m. on Saturday to squeeze in my long run. It was airless and on the warm side even at that hour. To cut a long story short, I managed to set off with a earring in my shoe! By 3 Km it was uncomfortable, at 6 I pulled up thinking it must be a stone and gave my shoe a shake to try and dislodge it. Eventually I stopped and removed my shoe to find a very bloody sock :o By this point my whole foot was throbbing and I decided I had to slow down and walk/ hobble the rest of my planned route. I did so, running again for the last couple of minutes.

My time wasn't disastrous excluding the shoe removing/ wound examining stop. But this was the first time (excluding crazy photo lady) I'd ever had to stop on a run. I've been feeling frustrated and angry with myself about it all week and haven't been on a run since :( :( :(

To be fair I have worked from 6.30 in the morning until 7.30 in the evening both Monday and Tuesday, but this wouldn't normally stop me, and even now I feel no desire to get back out there. My foot is still a little sore, it's hot and frankly I just don't want to. I'm also worried about my long run, as this little disaster means I haven't run a 'proper' 10 K since July 7th, over 2 weeks ago.

I've just 'lost it'. Help me find it again. Please,

Running Regards,

Emily :)

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Thanks KittyKat :) I should do that when I eventually move myself. I just worked so hard to get up to 10K I feel anxious that I'll just lose the ability to do it again.

I packed my trainers and my earrings (in a little pouch) in a holdall for my weekend away and in my sleepy state didn't realise one of my earrings had made a bid for freedom. Rookie error.

You're right, it has been so hot, I've basically just been collapsing on getting home :(


Oh no! That doesn't sound good. It seems you've had a lot going on lately and maybe it's just a combination of lots of different things getting on top of you. Plus, maybe the added pressure of doing a long run when you don't feel yourself at the moment. Maybe just tell yourself that your next run is going to be a short, easy, slow enjoyable one and make it that. Hopefully then you may get your mojo back :) good luck.


Thanks Paul, I think you're right. Obviously running around with a foot piercing wasn't ideal, but maybe if it wasn't for work and this, at times, oppressive heat I would have laughed it off more easily.

I think you're right that I need an easy run or two before tackling the next long one. I hope the mojo does come back, without it I feel like sitting in a dark room eating take-out pizza forever!

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Don't sit in a dark corner, just come on here and we'll try and lift your spirits :)


Noooooo Emily of course you haven't lost it!! You're 'the running lady'. The one who got through B210k without keeling over; the one who overcomes scary experiences and mad photographers alike. No way have you lost it. You've just got a sore foot at the hottest time of year, with a busy work life and family to see. You're not bloomin' Wonder Woman, you're just a brilliant, strong, determined runner who needs to cut herself some slack, accept that we all have weeks where things go pear shaped and then give yourself permission to get out there and run again.

Good luck Sweetie, you can and will do it! xxx


Thanks EpicMum :D You lovely advice giver.

Maybe I am being a little hard on myself. Having not quite keeled over during B210K I so don't want to go backwards now.

I think I'm free tomorrow evening so I'm going to talk to myself nicely, wait until it's a little cooler, and go and tootle around the park for a while, I bet the cygnets have got really big :) .

In the mean time I'm going to catch-up on the forum,

Emily :)


Em don't be too hard on yourself, :-) anyone would stop with that going on in your shoe! I was a bit worried about doing 10k this morning, I hadn't done one since my first race about a month ago but I managed it- just! I have to walk a bit now and again at the moment for a minute or so, especially in this heat. Its made me mad that I've not been getting out there so much- its just too hot for me. I think sometimes we need to take things really steady and cut back a bit if need be to keep ourselves from overdoing it. So just take things steady and build gradually again if you need to. You will probably surprise yourself once your foot's ok and the weather cools a bit. x :-)


Thanks no-excuse, and really well done for getting through your run earlier on :)

This heat is really trying, I can't walk to the shops without breaking a sweat. It's good to know you were able to get back to doing that distance as well, I think I'm exaggerating how quickly I might lose fitness in my head.

I think I'm going to make today my final sulk-day, and try to get out for a little potter about tomorrow. Oh running!


Oh dear Emily .... it sounds like you and I both had a bit of a trial on Saturday. I had set out to do my Wk 6 Run 3 on Saturday morning but a combination of things (I had "gymmed" on Friday instead of Thursday, the heat, female hormones) all collided to make the most shocking "run" imaginable. I put speech marks round run, because I'm sure I did more walking than running AND I bailed out part way through because I was getting so disheartened.

I can understand your frustration at stopping on a run but, as a first aider, better that you found out what the cause of your pain was and then accommodated it rather than pushing on through it for your planned distance.

I don't know about running longer distances (I'm sure there's someone out there far better qualified than me to offer advice on that), but I would suggest that it's probably going to be better for your foot if you allow the wound to heal before you start running again, and when this time comes maybe do a shorter distance to get your confidence back. I also found running in a gym today much more comfortable than the heat outside, but I'm aware that not everyone has this luxury.

I'm sure you will get back to it, and even what I call a 'Run Walk' day is better than a no-run day. ;) Hope this helps and good luck.


Oh no Mamma_Mia, what a pair we are! Sorry to hear about your run :( I never imagined stopping on a run would be so bad and confidence killing. This gives me so much respect for those that keep on going and going after being unable to complete a run.

I'm very jealous of your run in a lovely air-conditioned gym, I'm not a member of one at the moment but might reconsider that when winter arrives :) Good luck with your future runs, and well done for getting back on the horse,

Emily :)


Thanks for your kind words Emily. Pappa_Mia (or chancellor of the household exchequer!) allowed me to join the gym last November so I could continue running as I had got hooked on C25K. What with illnesses and bad weeks, I don't seem have been able to get through week 7, however I'm hopeful that this time I'll make it through.

You'll get back on the horse too (when your foot's "mended") and I'm sure you'll get back to the 10K before too long. Good luck :)



Ouch, an earring in your shoe does sound painful. Can't offer advice but just want to offer some encouragement. Hang in there!


It was painful- what a wally! All encouragement gratefully received :D


We all have bad runs from time to time and sometimes there is no explanation for them being awful. You at least know what went wrong. You just have to put these bad session behind you, forget it and move on. What many runners find that after a bad one the next is often one of the best, life is just funny that way. So long as your foot is healed OK go out there and just run for the fun of it because you can, do a route that you have always enjoyed and the chances are you will be flying along enjoying your running as before. :)


Thanks OldGirl. I got myself out last night. It was still so hot, I was sweating before I started, but, I ran as far as I planned in a nice steady time. Onwards and upwards :)


Well you've not read the bloody HealthUnlocked terms and conditions of have you, eh? I think you will find that it is against the rules for Emilys to feel fed up for any more than 17 minutes; you've had that quota now, so no more feeling fed up! :-P

Seriously though, you've not lost it at all; these things do happen! You do get on the PRI list though. (Preposterous Running Injury!) Everyone has a couple/few weeks where things don't go to plan. It's not as if you never want to run again, you've just been busy, and it's been hot! I was actually going to PM you as I'd not seen you about much and wondered how you were going. :-)

Hope your foot's feeling better now; what an injury to incur!

Hmmmm, I think having a race to train for would get your running all fired up again.......



Thanks M_Y

I'll wear my PRI badge with pride. Impaled by a earring. I went out for a little bit yesterday and ran 5Km, the foot felt fine. It was very very hot still, I was wishing I'd bought a water bottle along before I even started running, but I kept a nice steady pace and felt some confidence returning.

I have made a baby step re races too...I've applied to be help out at the Cardiff HM in October. It'll give me a chance to suss out the event and if I start to feel any jealousy twinges I might sign up for a HM in the Spring. With the emphasis on 'might' :p

Happy running M_Y, looking forward to the next post-run report,

Em :)


Hey Em. :-)

Glad to hear your foot is better, and that you got out for a run again. I really, genuinely think that having races planned is the best motivation there is! I also think you've done a fantastic thing in volunteering at the HM! Really pleased to hear this. I also volunteered before I ran a race; it's an excellent experience as you get to see behind the scenes and what goes on, how it all works and just what the volunteers do to ensure the race is a success. It is addictive in itself though! You'll come away with a great sense of having done something worthwhile and brilliant and will, whenever you can on future races, go out of your way to thank and greet marshals as you run.

I mean it though, it's addictive! Most of my 2015 running-wise will consist of marathon training, bar the 10Ks that are planned, as too many other races won't really fit in with the training, but I'll do some marshalling at races I don't run. R4L have male volunteers so I'll volunteer at some of those too. I do enjoy marshalling. You will too and I reckon you'll be signed up for that HM not long after! Seriously, you'll be fine for one by spring. :-)

Happy running, Em, always.


Hope your feeling a bit more cheered up, I understand how you must feel but what you have to look at is what you have achieved. Maybe take each run as it comes and don't put pressure on yourself, you have done 10k so you will do it again don't worry. Life and work does get in the way but just go for a nice run somewhere and take it easy. Sometimes a break is all you need and then you will get back in the swing of things in no time. Take care and hope your foot is healing well.


Thanks Vixchile, this is all such good advice. Often I feel I can give good advice to everyone except myself, so it's lovely to have you all around.

The foot is better, and I went for a little run last night. Hoping for a couple more in the next few days, but the long run can wait for a break in the barmy weather :)


Running outdoors in winter is better than trying to run in this boiling hot weather Keenan! See, that's given you sommat to look forward to already. LOL

So, you're hacked off! OK that's that then. Moving on. Do a lovely little 3 k jog. I've done three of them in succession, every other day this week, and I've loved em. The running equivalent of a finger of fudge


Hehe thanks misswobble.

I cannot wait to get back to some lovely, nondescript British weather, oh for a grey sky and a temperature in the low teens ;)


Hey Em, stop being so hard on yourself, you have done brilliantly !

It is soo hot, you had an injury and you stopped, that's it, done and dusted , these things happen

Take a break for a coupla days, get your foot better and then some short runs , jobsa good 'un :-)

Take care and get that chin up :-) xxx


Thanks Poppypug, I love this forum. I gave myself a talking to and got out for a steady 5 Km last night. The foot seems okay and it was good to get back to it.

Onwards and upwards :)


Well done Em glad to hear you managed a steady 5k. Grey skies here now but they have lightning as well - best to wait until later for my run


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