Very slow pace! Am I doing it right??

Have just come in from my W5R1 -- was not as bad as I thought! However, have started using the Nike+ app on my phone to see how far I am going and today, with my three sets of 5 min runs and the walks in between and at either end, apparently I only managed to cover 3km in the half hour! How slow am I??

I run through on the trails through the woods as I feel self conscious running on the pavements as every one seems to zoom past me and I feel like I'm only pretending to be a runner! So I prefer to run in the woods where I don't see a soul! But I still run like a snail? Is this ok or am I not doing this properly? How will I ever get to the point of doing 5k in around half hour when I go so slow??

Oh well, I am sure Laura knows best, so will keep on with the program and maybe once my fitness is able to cope with longer running periods, I can work on my pace....although I'm finding it hard even at a slow pace, the thought of upping my pace makes me feel faint!! Lol


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7 Replies

  • Well done on completing the run. I think your pace is excellent as it sounds like the same as mine! Not about the speed, just think how far you've come in 5 weeks.

    Good luck for the next run.

  • I run this fast too :) plus I do it on the pavements - how cool do I look ;) pretty damn cool to all those people sat on the couch watching me fly past out of their windows :) hopefully speed will come with time, for now, completing the runtime is the important thing. :)

  • Iam exactly the same! I have about 12 more runs until I attempt a Race for Life and my running speed is little more than my walking speed. I did W7R1 and for the first time calculated distance/speed etc. Little more than walking pace :D but i am so pleased with how my shape is changing and I feel so much better for being fitter. Concentrate on building stamina and speed will come later. I am doubtful that I will ever do 5k in 30 mins, realistically but I dont mind at all. Look at what you have achieved so far!!

  • If you're running your doing it right!! No mater how slow you've overcome the biggest challenge which is getting off the couch and into your running shoes. Speed is something you can work on later, you're completing the runs and that's what's important.

  • Thanks, everyone! Am definitely feeling better for starting this program and like so many of you all, if someone told me that I could run for five minute sessions, I'd have laughed! Finding it easier to catch my breath too in between runs. Am doing the Race for Life on Father's Day and am hoping that if I stay on course, I should then be at a point where I can run for 25mins non-stop....which in no way will see me finishing the 5k in that time but am hoping that I will at least not look too silly as I start off with the joggers this year! Can't imagine being abel to run for 25mins let alone half an hour but by golly, I'm gonna give it a go!!

  • I agree with all the other comments. It's not about speed. I think most of us on here would like to be able to run faster. But at least we're getting up of the sofa and out there. If you follow the podcasts you will be able to run for 30 mins - and that in itself is an amazing achievement when you think of where you started. I read somewhere sometime ago that only 10% of the population exercise for 20 mins 3 x week. Well, we do and we're amazing ! Good luck with Race for Life.

  • I think that many/(most?) of the Graduates here will tell you that they weren't running a full 5k in 30 minutes when they graduated. The important thing is to keep running for the time. I'm stlll not sure if I can manage 5k in 30 minutes, I haven't tried for a while BUT I can manage to jog along with the running club for an hour and 25 minutes (over six miles) so I'm sure the speed will come eventually. All you need to worry about at this stage is pacing yourself so you can keep going for the allocated time.

    You're doing fine !

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