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Am I doing this right?

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Hi everyone, i'm new to both posting and running.I am 63yrs old and 201/2 stone in weight and have just completed run 2 week 4, I say run but it is a slow jog. I can walk faster! But is this right? Does the pace become faster the fitter you get or am I doing this wrong

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hmmm, thats an interesting question, i guess if youre able to complete the runs in order, week after week, then you will benefit and hopefully will get faster. the programme isnt a race however, its a programme designed to get you to run for longer and longer periods of time, once you achieve that, you may improve your pace and times, but concentrate now on finishing and enjoying each challenge.

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Nosreap in reply to whistler22

Thanks for the advice, I intend to keep up with the challenges and finishing the proram

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Hi Nosreap, and welcome to our little community. You've done well to get started, and finding us here is the best thing that you can do to keep up with this program. Post often, and let us motivate you, encourage you and answer any question that you have.

So, you're into week 4, and running at a slow jog. Sound like you've got a perfect approach to C25K. We're used to telling people to slow down: not you. Stay at your slow jog: as you become more used to running, and fitter and stronger, your pace may increase. But the very important thing in your running career is to get out for a run, and then run at the pace that is right for you. Running slowly helps to build endurance, and that's probably more important to you than being able to run fast for a short distance.

We're glad that you are here, and hope that you are reassured... slow jog is all that's required.

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Nosreap in reply to MarkyD

Thanks for the encouragement and advice.I intend to keep on jogging and will report back to the community.Thanks again

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LOL! Very first post I ever made to this wonderfully friendly and informative forum - to which I am forever grateful for making me a runner (and quite possibly a nicer person ;) )- was :

'Is it actually possible to run slower than you can walk?'

AFAIR the answer was 'yes' :)

However - I persevered and literally went from never having been 'able' to run more than a hundred paces or so in my entire life to where I ended up with the 5 and the 10 K graduate badges and saw my running speed go from' slower than walking' to a 33 minute 5k :)

The ONLY thing you can really get wrong here is to push yourself too far, too fast and too quickly. Just take it slow and steady at your own pace, NEVER cheat on the Rest Day and I promise you - you will be amazed at where you will be and sooner than you can imagine right now :)

Read the beginner posts of Graduates - this programme is for people just like you and I. We want to run but find it hard to believe we can ever be 'real runners'.

I went from thinking it would be AMAZING if I could get halfway around teh local Park without having to stop - about half a mile - to trying not to feel sorry for myself that I could not break the 30 minute 5K ( We did a survey here by the way a while back. Less than 10% graduate with 5K in 30 minutes after 8 weeks. Programme really is about 'from couch to running continously for thirty minutes" :) So please don't get hung up on speed or distance - its really about stamina and that is the foundation for later fleetness of foot ;) )

Anyway - welcome to the programme and the Forum. there are a few of us here who could well be called the most unlikeliest of Runners (read those early posts ;) ) so please never feel you have to have any 'prerequisites' to do the programme and run with us here other than the desire to do so :)

Wishing you many happy miles in your future. :)

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Nosreap in reply to Irish-John

Thanks for the encouragement it's nice to know that I'm not the only one who thought they were going slow,I'll take your advice and comments on board .Thanks again

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Check out the replies... you are doing just perfectly!!!

What a relief for me not to have to say SLOW down... the runs make you stronger, your exercise on rest days builds up strength and stamina and it is a slow structured build up :)

This is about your running journey, and you take it exactly as you are doing and you will be amazed where you get to. Keep posting for great support too :)

Well done !

Thank you whistler , although hard going at times I am enjoying the challenge and it has got me off the couch at least 3 times a week and doing more than I normally would

Welcome nosreap and take heed about slow being right. I started running because hubby did and he’s a speed merchant who constantly fought calf pain for months-I gave up as it was too much.

Then I found C25K and slow and steady it was, my only sin was at week 7 I thought I would give park run a go (I managed in 40mins but I was really in pain for 4 days) so I’ll add to what others have said

Follow the prog, it will feel tough at times BUT it really does get you there slowly and steadily-I’m finally on week 9 and can run 30 but I’m nowhere near 5k (usually about 3.5k). It makes you feel good,proud, healthier and happier-oh and you get to talk to some lovely supportive folks along the way.

So be proud, enjoy and keep popping in 👟👍🏼

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Nosreap in reply to jaxxmal2

Thanks for the positivity,I intend to carry on and come back to the support shown in the group, Thanks

Hi. I read the various posts that said don't worry about going slow and that has made all the difference. I'm finding I'm really really slow on the first runs of a session and get quicker towards the end.

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Nosreap in reply to Marygord

Thanks it seems that I might be doing ok at a slow pace,which may increase the fitter I get.

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Hi Nosreap, I’m 4 yrs older than you and I finish W4 on Saturday. I’ve been told to slow down by folk on here as I’m getting breathless after the 5min jogs. I’m going to heed their advice on Saturday and see how it goes.

Just go at the pace you’re comfortable with, we ain’t spring chickens anymore so slow and steady.....good luck 😊

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