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Slow pace


I am on week 5 - run 2 tomorrow- surprised at how much I’m enjoying it but I think my pace is v v slow and worry that I’m just not “up to speed”

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You don't need to run fast, the motto slogan of C25K is slow and steady.


There is no too slow! Run it nice and comfortably all the way to the end of this plan at least. You’re doing great, your fitness is rising sharply, the time to worry about pace is much later, and even then only occasionally.


Welcome to the forum and well done on your progress.

This guide to the plan is essential reading

Too slow for what............the Olympics are next year!

Enjoy your journey.


#embrace your inner 🐌 pace

I also ran week 5 run 2 today , two 8 min runs . You will be fine if I can do it

( 58. Unfit. ). Any one can , keep smiling 😀


I'm still vv slow (58 and fat). Still doing it though. My Parkrun pb is 46 minutes.

Abandon the stress of trying to beat a certain time for now, just relax and just do the run... these 9 weeks are designed to build up your fitness and endurance gradually, so going slow and steady is the best way to work through this!

When I started, I used Niko-Niko Japanese slow-running as my "pace", it is super "slow" but gentle on my achy knees and allowed me to hold a conversation if I needed to, without being too out of puff; it served me well and over the weeks I felt stronger and have now increased my pace, but still fall back to Niko-Niko when parts of my run challenge me (normally the first few minutes, haha!).

When you graduate and do your consolidation runs, THEN you can choose to smash that pace... or just carry on as you are! You are doing this for yourself so make the runs work for YOU!

Happy runnings! :)

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