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Week Four Run Three

Week Four is complete! I think people are right when they say that the second run of the week is always the hardest. You don't have the novelty of the first run or the stamina of the third. The first three minute run passed without me really getting out of breath which was quite remarkable. And I was definitely running faster than previous runs. Overshot several markers in the journey by a fair bit.

Really couldn't stand the music! I had to keep stopping myself from giggling. I'll be happy when I can make some playlists and run along to them.

I left the house at about half seven this morning but there were loads of others all up and about. Some runners, but no smiles this morning. Some people just look like they're concentrating too hard. Lots of cyclists - one looked a bit grumpy with me because he thought I was in the way. When he cycled past, I noticed he SERIOUSLY needed to pull up his shorts and got the giggles all over again.

I'm not certain about this but I think I've lost a very little bit of weight since starting the programme. I look a bit slimmer in the mirror and I feel a bit more toned which is nice. I do try not to be too bothered about how I look, but I can't help worrying that as I get older, it'll get easier to put on weight. I usually motivate myself by how I feel - most of the time, I feel better when I eat well and exercise. The exceptions are when I'm in a truly bad mood or when I'm ill, so I can have something like pizza or loads of chocolate without feeling too bad about myself.

Guilt is never a good motivator for anything anyway, it just wastes energy. I get so fed up with people who talk about biscuits or cakes as if they have some kind of holy significance - 'Ooh, I really shouldn't!' The only reason you should say that about food is if you're allergic to it! Otherwise, there's no reason to try and justify anything as good or bad. It feels a bit childish, like when you're young and you get told you can't have sweets because you've been bad. We all know that certain foods are better for us than others.

Anyway, that's a completely different tangent. I'm still really enjoying the programme because every week is a new challenge. I'm remembering to be impressed with myself for getting this far too.

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Totally agree with you - I hate it when people say they are on a "diet" - you should never GO on a diet but CHANGE your diet to lose weight! Depriving yourself is just unrealistic and you won't be able to keep it up long term; you have to learn to be honest with yourself and to be sensible with your choices.

Well done for sticking at it and the toning/weight loss is a nice bonus :) Good luck with week 5 x


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