Week Four Run Three and First Time Outside!

Thanks to the encouragement from people here, I made myself get outdoors this morning. It was, as everyone says, harder but more enjoyable and left me with a greater sense of achievement and wellbeing. I was fine with cars going past but have to admit to speeding up a bit when I was going past an actual person! Some technical probs as phone stopped giving sound when I put it in pocket, so ended up carrying it which made me feel a bit of a bumpy, but hey ho! Now wondering, do ai repeat week four outdoors or press on? 

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  • Definitely press on! You managed W4R3, no reason to repeat. Well done!

  • Thanks. I think that is my inclination, but as always, feedback from other people helps to clarify!

  • Press on, absolutely :)

    Well done :)

  • Thank you. Am definitely going to!

  • Well done. It's so gorgeous outside at the minute it would be a real shame to miss it all! Definitely move on. A run is a run.

  • Thanks for the encouragement. I will!

  • go for it! And well done!

  • Thank you. I will!

  • Carry on outside I say. There is nothing to fear now and lots to gain. 

    Start your next run super slowly and enjoy the fresh air.😊

    Oh and well done Sue...you are doing brilliantly.x


  • Thank you. The replies from the grads are so welcome!

  • Aw thats nice. We are only you a little further down the line.x😊

  • Thank you. Am firmly intending to join you at some point in the future!

  • Yippee - I am so glad you made it outside already!  I say press on, there is no need to repeat week 4.

  • I think you are right. Bring it on!

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