London 10k done - but no lie down just yet :)

Well, I did the Bupa 10k last Sunday.... it was an amazing day, so exciting, but sadly I didn't manage to run it all as the heat was making me feel a bit funny after about 3k, so I alternated running and walking. I still got an official time of 1 hour 27 mins though, about the same as I did running the whole way in (cool weather!) training a week previously. Crossing the finish in front of Buckingham Palace was a very emotional experience (oh yes, I ran THAT bit!!!) and I was delighted that the official stats said there were 300+ people slower than me.

But I did a rather stupid thing afterwards - I had a deadline of the following morning for all my essays, so I basically stayed up all night and finished the buggers! I allowed myself one hour's sleep before I had to go to college to hand them in. Naturally I am now e-x-h-a-u-s-t-e-d, and so I haven't run since then. I'm going to try a gentle run this weekend, but will now postpone my first parkrun experience in favour of a decent lie-in on Saturday.

I'm sure I will bounce back, but it all feels a bit flat at the moment. Oh, but I raised over £400 for WaterAid, which I was highly chuffed about!

Next stop - half marathon training!!


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25 Replies

  • WOWEE!


    In London!

    In front of Buck House!

    Wonder if the queen was watching? (Glad you ran that bit!)

    :) :)

  • Wow, well done you!! You did so well as that heat on Sunday was HOT!

  • Yay go you!!! Fantastic achievement :)

  • Good for you! Well done :)

  • Great effort Dee, I did think of y'all out there in the heat.

  • Fantastic! It was so hot, you did amazingly well to finish and that time was amazing too!!!!

  • Well done, how fantastic to be able to run and raise money for a good cause, bet your chuffed to bits and so you should be :) :)

  • Absolutely - and I tell you what - it was so very heartwarming to see all the different charity vests on people - and the supporters from each charity cheering them on. There is a load of goodwill out there - such a pity the media doesn't focus a bit more on that......

  • That's a brilliant achievement, well done !

  • Well done, hope I can manage one one day! You have every right to be proud

  • Amazing! I don't know how you did that in the heat! x

  • Aw, thanks guys - and there's me thinking I'd in some way failed..... just proves how wonderful this forum is! :-) :-) :-) :-) that's how I feel now..... (AND I finished the essays!)

  • Congratulations, that was an amazing achievement, I couldn't have stayed up all night too. You must have some staminar! Hope the half marathon training goes well.

  • Amazing and your essays in on time. Superwoman!

  • Really well done! A great achievement :)

    If you can't do the parkrun on Saturday then I think they are doing a jubilee special run on Tuesday and certainly here this is followed by a sort of picnic.

    Enjoy a well deserved rest this weekend.

  • Wow that's so good!!! What an achievement :-) I'm still frantically training for my London 10k in July - I hope that I can do as well as you've done - although I'm fortunate in that the deadline for my PhD thesis isn't until July 27th so I won't have to stay up all night ;-) Massive congrats!

  • Woo well done! You did great, I wouldn't fancy running in that heat. Onwards and upwards! :D

  • Wow! You've done brilliantly to do the race in that heat - and it's a good time too! Well done on getting your essays in as well! Lucy x

  • Well done you, and don't you dare think of yourself as failing in any way, shape or form. That heat was unbearable and you made it all the way round in one piece with a good time. You're an inspiration to all us 5kers who are hoping to carry on and achieve the 10k in the future. :)

  • Aw, thanks! 10K is a good distance - far enough to be a real challenge, but not so far as to need to worry about replenishing energy en route. You also don't seem to get the 'silly' people who haven't a clue how to run (like the ones in the Sport Relief Mile!) so it's all a bit more focussed (ooh, do I sound like a running snob!!). I can highly recommend it - the race I did (Bupa London 10k) opens its bookings for 2013 in a few weeks' time - why not sign up?

  • hey I was not far from you on the same day completing the race for Life 5k at Hyde park, and yes what a hot day for it.

    Well done, could not have done 10k, just too far, but managed my 5k in 35 mins.

  • Well done, and a great time Burstcouch! 35 mins for 5k is still a distant dream for me..... Hope you raised lots of money :-)

  • Well done on all counts, especially for raising much needed money for water aid!

  • Congrats! Sunday was hot hot hot! I went out at 9am planning to run for 45mins, but gave up after 28! Even a cold shower didn't cool me down!

    Don't know how I would have coped with 1 hours sleep after that effort!

  • Thanks so much for your encouragement, didntrunthat - I have to say it was a case of 'needs must' far as the essays were concerned, as I'd fallen so far behind. I was (gently) threatened by my tutor with only getting a foundation degree instead of a BA if I didn't get my stuff in, which would have seemed like a huge waste of a lot of work. I admit to having a Red Bull to help me stay awake - not somethng I usually resort to.

    But this whole C25K journey has shown me a lot about perseverance and determination, so the running and the essay writing have kind of gone hand in hand. I'd go so far as to say I've had an epiphany!

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