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W9R3 done - the hardest run yet!


I've seen so many posts about the phantom 'bad run demons' and I really did get my share today! Legs and ankles grizzling and griping, back ache and general 'I'm just not in the mood for this' plagued me for the best part of the 30 minutes!

Anyway, how could I give up (and I did seriously consider it more than once) on my graduation run - I'd never live it down. So I soldiered on and consoled myself with the near sure knowledge that my next run is certain to fly. My theory that a bad run is (nearly) always followed by a good one continues to hold true, for me at least.

I've seen lots of graduations this week so big congratulations to all my fellow graduates and those doing their last few 30 minute runs. Thanks also to all those who continue to post here and provide inspiration and reassurance for the rest of us. C25K has been a great programme and I'm already looking forward to Parkrun number 2 on Saturday.

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WELL DONE! it is hard at times but you kept on going so that's great! I managed that run fine but blobbed badly on my first Parkrun later in the week so I'm going round to the local running club tonight and see how they do things there. I assumed that because I'd been running 30 minutes comfortably that I should be able to do 5K reasonably easily. How wrong was I? I now realise you need to train for a proper 5K!

Good luck with your run on Saturday! and CONGRATULATIONS!

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Thank you Beek. Good luck with the running club.

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Hi inmind. Not got as far as the running club yet. Got to sort out some starving bees first so will have to blob on this tonight. But - I WILL do 30 minutes run in the morning instead. Had a call an hour ago that we have an emergency with some bees at Harewood. Must try to save them at all costs!

Thanks for the post!

p.s. Just had a pasta meal so will be interesting to see how that helps me in the morning


Congratulations! The harder runs are the ones I look back on with satisfaction because I got through them, so well done.

Enjoy Parkrun, I have went 4 times to my local one and it is great. I am aiming for 26 min this weekend.

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I'm aiming for 26 minutes too, but I think it's going to take a while yet! Thanks for your good wishes.


Many congratulations on a job well done. Isn't it just typical when your all set for a wonderful run the demon monkey shows up, but you won through, good on yeh :)

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There might be a common theme to my demons because I had a slightly rushed less well-prepared run than normal. I remember the same pattern on my last awful run and wondering if the lack of preparedness causes the demon monkeys to show or vice versa!!

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Only just finished W6R2 & so a novice in comparison but what do you mean less well-prepared? I ask because I wonder whether it will help me understand why some of my runs are better than others. Your advice would be valued. I do find that if I have things I have to get on with I don't run so well because I'm not relaxed. Guilty I suppose at taking the time for myself when there's work to be done. Oh sorry - really well done. Great perseverance.

From this 'wannabe' to you .... congratulations :)

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Thank you Dovercourt and good luck with your run tonight.


A massive well done & congratulations on your graduation! I bet you feel over the moon now.

I hope to be joining you soon W9R1 done today...

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Thanks and yes I'm chuffed. Need my next run to be a goo one.


Congratulations! I had the 'can't be bothered tonight' demons yesterday, but pushed through and it's so worth it!!!

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Thanks Feefbev, I agree - the whole programme has been about sticking out the duration to build stamina and staying power.


Brilliant inmind! Well done, and many congratulations. Truly a week for graduates yeeeehaaaa the C25K+ club gets bigger :)

Cheers, Linda x


Well done and Congratulations inmind :-) shiny badge looks good :-) It is a great graduate week and Scipio will join us along with a couple of others next week :-) Have fun at the Parkrun don't think I will ever see 26 minutes at a Parkrun, but hey all the best wished your way :-)


Congratulations in mind and very well done to persevere and finish your run despite the nagging demons. Good luck with your 2nd park run on Saturday.


Congratulations. My grad run was a pig too, but worth it. Onwards good man.

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