Lying down in the road! Warning, gruesome photo πŸ˜•

Lying down in the road!  Warning, gruesome photo πŸ˜•

Went out for a 5k run, in a bit of a rush, squeezing it in after work, before dinner and then out for the evening. Going along nicely and it was light, so didn't need my headtorch. Decided to cross the road, all clear, no cars and crossing a speed bump (not fast) scuffed my foot and over I went, hands outstretched and my knee hit the road. Out of embarrassment, jumped straight up and carried on running but ouch, stinging like mad, small hole in my trousers and some blood. When I got home, this is what I had done 😦 - 53 year old woman with grazed knee - it is slightly funny when I think about it!


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23 Replies

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  • Ouch! I do it all the time unfortunately. Worries my husband but so far no permanent damage done. Hope it heals quickly - takes us back to our childhood!

  • I was forever falling over and putting holes in my white tights, not a good look for a four year old wearing a navy blue sailor dress LOL

  • Not funny.... :( Why, why why, does it hurt more when we get older!

    Poor you ! Big hug.

  • Because we forget what it feels like?

  • Maybe... because hopefully, we do not fall too much...I know I fell and did a similar thing and I cried! Never cried when I fell when I was small.. :)

  • I have only tumbled about four times in a year and a half, so not too bad, comes with the activity - need to pick my feet up!

  • Went out this morning, thankfully it is totally superficial, no real bruising and I have lived for the next run

  • Owwie! Hope it heals quickly.

    As a 51 year old woman, I have to laugh when I fall over.

  • I laugh when I fall over - I tumbled in a dark alley once, that was something to snigger about! Tripped over a tree root and fell in the mud and now in the middle of the road, tripping over a SPEED bump of all things!

  • Badge of honour! All runners get to wear it 😊

    I too fell over a speed bump once and grazed my knees. The irony πŸ˜ƒ

    You'll be fine πŸ˜€

    my worst running accident to date has been falling over another runner

  • Tell us more, that sounds like a good story LOL!

  • Ouchy ouch Joolie πŸ˜– Hope it heals quickly.

  • Went over on wet leaves a while ago - flew through the air like a good 'un. Had a knee like yours - and probably jumped up again just as quickly. Hope it's not too sore.

  • It is only superficial skin damage, no real bruising in the knee itself. I went for a run this morning and it was good. Will take a few days to stop stinging and need to keep it covered and clean

  • Playground scrape! You need some yellow (Basilicon?) ointment on that!😁 Take care!😊

  • Why Don't We Do It In The Road?

    No one will be watching us.

  • Ow. Hope it heals up soon.

    Most stupid I did was put one leg straight down a rabbit hole. Lucky I was going slowly or it might have been worse. Stupid thing is, it was only about an hour before that we had carefully moored up the boat to avoid it πŸ™ˆ

  • That could have been very serious! Glad it was all ok, something to chuckle about on the Forum!!

  • What!! You jumped straight up and kept running?? Now THAT is truly impressive. A gazillion pound footballer would have rolled about for ten minutes and been taken from the field of play on a stretcher...You? You just jumped up and got on with it! Awesome!

    Now take a couple of days and milk it for all you're worth!

  • That was so hilarious, read it out to my husband and we both laughed out loud 😌! I don't want anything to stop my running, so a scrape I can cope with. Need to be more careful in future, I should pick my feet up more

  • Ouch! Hope you heal soon. I know what you mean about jumping up and carrying always feels a bit embarassing doesn't it!😁

  • Hi juli I did exactly the same thing two weeks ago .lost my footing as I was starting my run which was going well till that point! Grazed both knees,cut hands and grazed elbow and some road rash on thigh all on the left side as that was how I my 59 year old body decided to land! .Covered in mud as I live out in the sticks .Actually glad of the mud as it might of been worse! It gave me a more softer approach to the ground ha! Anyway lots of lovely bruises for the next few days and slight embarrassment as a lovely young man stopped in car and enquired of my well being !

    Cool picture though! Ah the joys of running ! πŸ˜€πŸ˜„

  • Bless you, sounds as if I got away light compared to you. It is all battle scars. I graduated about a year ago now and I look forward to my next run nowadays. I think I need to bounce along with my ponytail flapping in the breeze like some of the young uns I see - instead of shuffling along like a penguin - maybe then I would avoid tripping. Safe running πŸ˜€

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