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Did W5R3 early on Monday morning and decided that I wanted to get back to Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday runs. So did W6R1 late on Tuesday evening - felt really great all the way through until 2.5 minutes into the final 5 minutes. My right calf started to hurt - not excruciating, must stop straight away hurt, so I kept going til the end. Applied a bag of frozen peas when I got in and some Ibuprofen gel. Still a bit sore, particularly going up and down stairs. Have decided to rest it some more.

Tomorrow morning I am taking part in a sponsored swim for my younger son's school (whole junior school aiming to do 60 miles for the Diamond Jubilee) so will be swimming for an hour. Hoping this will help recovery and not hinder it! Plan now is to rest over the weekend and do W6R1 on Monday assuming the calf behaves itself!

Now some advice needed - I have an Ipod Nano but want to be able to track my runs. Looking at a Garmin watch - does anyone have one, if so what model and how do you get on with it? Or any alternative suggestions?

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The cheapest garmin I've looked at was around £130 and was the 110 forerunner. The leader at run club suggested I get that if I wanted one as it does everything I need it to do. I haven't got it yet but many of the others at the club have it and I see their results when they post them onto the groups Facebook. Its very detailed!


I've got the forerunner 110 - £100 pounds on Amazon, it's brilliant! :-)


Hi JenR,

Sorry, I came late to your post - had it pointed up to me by another member but had to hunt for you! I have the Garmin 110 and it's brilliant. I use it for every run and it tells me all I need to know. Average pace, route, distance, time, heart rate (if you have the version with HRM strap). It's a nice little piece of kit, not large on a small feminine wrist and not too dear. The price varies but I had mine as an xmas pressie at around £124 or so. I'd certainly recommend it!



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