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Injury advice?


Hi all. I hurt my calf last Monday while out running day 1 of bridge to 10k. Since then I have been unable to run as it was so painful, especially going downstairs. It's now improving but still a bit sore. I have started to do some gentle stretches. The problem is I have signed up for the 5ķ Resolution Run for the Stroke association which is on Sunday. I really wanted to do it but I'm not sure if I should try a run before then, rest until Sunday, or is it too soon to do it at all? Obviously I don't want to do even more damage. I have also signed up for a10k in June, so anxious that I'm not getting any training done for that.

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Is it a sharp pain or more of a dull ache?

RICE is the standard protocol for this sort of thing and cycles of warm/cold will help to stimulate blood flow. Frozen peas and a hot bath do the trick nicely.

I hope everything is OK for Sunday and don't worry too much about having a run before then, two weeks rest will not result in any significant loss of fitness.

Lorna9339 in reply to Dunder2004

Thanks. It's more of a sharp pain, especially on stairs. I have been resting a lot and have been using a tubigrip bandage. I will try the heat/ice as well.

Dunder2004Graduate in reply to Lorna9339

OK. I am not sure if that is good or bad in that the sharp pains tend to just disappear rather than the dull ones which tend to heal more progressively.

Fingers crossed for you.


Which resolution run are you doing? I'm doing Cambridge the 10 KM one, I'm injured too - if you want we can limp round together...

Haha! Unfortunately I'm doing the Glasgow one so can't keep you company!. It's so annoying isn't it? This is my 1st injury since starting running- I was so looking forward to Sunday😩

Curlygurly2Graduate in reply to Lorna9339

You can keep me company virtually, can you walk it? You'll still get your medal even if you don't run all the way. Let us know how you get on x

I will do. Thanks x


You could rest til Sunday. If it breaks down again then you might have to walk the race. No-one minds 😀

Ice it as much as possible 🙂

Lorna9339 in reply to misswobble

Thanks for that. I will rest til then and see how it feels x


I'm just going to copy and paste this, written by a GP friend and fellow running club member for the running club......

"Morning all.....I hate to be the one with doom and gloom (at least it's gloomy outside today!) And it's not just cos I'm injured....but I'm reading lots of posts for advice about aches and pains and swellings etc. I'd just like to put a medical perspective out there. I know it's frustrating (have first hand experience) but you can do so much more irreparable damage by continuing to use an injured body. The human body is a very clever thing and it hurts when there's a problem to tell us not to do something. Sadly I'm getting to see people the other side of the marathon training, the older clientele who pushed and pushed and are now not growing old so gracefully as a result. It's hard when you've put the work in or paid the money but you really are far better to listen now, rest now, stretch now, seek help now, and get better than pay later. If you see a physio who says you can run / cycle etc then great, just please dont push on through cos you want to. I'm saying this not from a bitter person on the bench who lots don't know cos I'm injured but as as gp who sees so much.. me I'm a doctor! "

Sandraj39Ambassador in reply to Hidden

Great post henpen90 - I was going to urge caution but far better coming from a doctor!🙂

Lorna9339 in reply to Hidden

Thanks for that- sounds sensible!


I'm with henpen90 and her doctor! Be careful. It could be a slight strain but if you push with some injuries you risk it turning in to something more serious. I suffered a nasty torn calf muscle at week 8 of the programme (a long time ago now) and was unable to run for 12 weeks! I was unlucky, turned whilst running at work and 'pop!' - felt like someone had thrown a stone at the back of my calf. During those months off I realised that injuries do occur from time to time and that we really have to listen to our bodies and let them heal. I am quite cautious as a result, but no more injuries!! It is frustrating if you miss an event but this also happens sometimes with running, whether due to injury or illness. See how you are in a couple of days but if it is still sore, there will be other races. Wishing you lots of luck and a speedy recovery.🙂

Lorna9339 in reply to Sandraj39

Thanks for the advice. I won't push it if I'm still in pain.

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