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Am missing my runs... curse you hamstring!


Afternoon lovely runners :)

So here I am, two runs from graduation and on the "out injured" list for the time being. My leg still hurts so I can't even contemplate attempting any further runs at the moment, but I really want to! :(

I did something to my left knee in week 3, took an extra rest day and it was fine. I did something else to my left hip in week 6, again a bit of extra rest and taking it easy on my runs and it was fine within a week. Now I've done "something" to my left hamstring on W9R1, and I'm beginning to wonder when I'll be able to run on it again.

I managed to complete the 30 minutes but it hurt as soon as I slowed down and I limped home and had to get hubby to stretch my leg out in a footballer-sorting-out-extra-time-cramp stylie. It hurt a lot. This was on Monday morning. It gradually felt better and better and I woke up this morning with it feeling normal. I actually contemplated lacing up my trainers... but a quick 3-step trot across the garden with my toddler soon put paid to that idea :(

So, I'm a bit unsure when I'll be able to get back into my running. Leg is fine walking around, bending, twisting, going up and down stairs, and only mildly aches when I try any stretches or exercises. But any hint of running and it says "don't even think about it!"

Any tips / advice / wrods of wisdom? :)

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I hurt my hamstring on Thursday last week. Rested Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Felt great on Monday, so I went on a wee run. It lasted 10 minutes until I simply couldn't run any more. Tuesday I went to a physio therapist who "forbade" me any running until I see her again next week.

Words of wisdom? only to continue listening to your body. If it hurts, don't do it. It's better to lose a little bit of fitness by taking a week off than it is to lose a lot by having to take a month off later.

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Thanks Tomas,

I suppose I'll just keep doing little experimental trots across the garden until it doesn't hurt anymore to do so.

It's such a pain (literally and figuratively!) isn't it? Hope yours recovers quickly too :)


Awww I feel for you...keep resting with plenty of ice when you can. You will be back out there in no time ;-)

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Thanks B, I hope so :)

Sounds like your leg is trying to tell you will be back out there soon :0)

It is, and I'm going to listen to it - don't want to do myself a mischief!

Poor you! If ordinary walking is ok, why don't you still do your runs - get all your togs on and your headphones etc, but just walk it swiftly (assuming that doesn't aggravate it)? That way at least you won't feel so miserable, and you'd still get your bit of 'me' time ??

Yeah, was thinking of that...

What I don't want to do is slow down my recovery. I'd love to go for a nice long walk, but I'm not sure if that would help or hinder. It doesn't hurt when I'm pottering so I suppose it would be alright to walk briskly on? It seems to hurt right at the moment when I "take off" from that leg if I try to run.

I've got a child-free hour tomorrow afternoon so I might just do what you suggested and see how it goes :)

P.S. have you cracked open the bubbly yet? :D

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Not yet but it's on ice - my chum will arrive (with her 2 brats sadly) at 7.15. Have bribed my boy to take her brats away upstairs to play on the PS3. I don't want my moment spoilt by whingy kids spilling coke all over the carpet!


Hello. I am so sorry to hear your news. I have just recovered from a hamstring pull and it was horrible to be out of action. I stopped for close to a month, having it left it a 5-6 days a couple of times and going straight back to square 1. I am not sure they do it in the UK but in France, they do a scan (ultrasound) to check the level of the tear which gives you a better idea of how long you will need to recover. I would leave it a few days at least and see how your leg feels, but the more time you can leave the better. A physio may be able to advise. Good luck

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Thank you for your reply :)

I'm going to take your advice (and that of everyone else) and really properly mend it before attempting anymore running. I mentioned that I'd "run through" a couple of minor injuries since I'd started C25K, and I presumed this would be the same. I'm disappointed to find it does not seem to be the case this time - probably because I was impatient to finish week 9!

I'm going to carry on doing anything that remains pain-free for a few more days then reassess the situation. Reading your reply (and others) has altered my mindset a bit now. Initially I wanted to just recover as fast as possible and continue with my last two runs. Now I'm thinking more along the lines of taking some time off, and then easing myself back in gently with some easier / shorter runs before re-attempting the whole of week 9. It is frustrating, but I need to be sensible and look at the bigger picture :)

How did your injury progress? Did you find your return to running difficult after the break?


Well as you say, the trick is to get back into it slowly, so it didn't feel too difficult. The good news is that you regain your fitness level quite quickly. After 4 weeks off, I started with a 5 minute walk and then a 3k run - about 25 minutes in all. Then a 4k, a 5k, and then a couple of 7-8ks with a bit of walking in between as I can still feel the hamstring, although I believe it is the scar tissue stretching (confirmed by my physio). I am getting more confident that it will 'hold' and did a 7k at near normal speed yesterday. Your plan sounds spot on. I know it is frustrating, but you will feel much better about going back to it when you are confident you will not re-injure yourself. My physio also says to keep up with the ice until I can really feel nothing at all!

Good luck!

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