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Week 2 Run 1, good news and bad news

I got up this morining nice and early at left the house around 6:30 am, partly to avoid the heat and my baby son had been keeping me awake 'talking' since 4:30 am!

The weather was a lot cooler, but there was a suprisingly large amount of runners out and about for that time in the morning but i guess its to get the exercise in before work,

Anyway, here's the bad news, found the run pretty hard! who said that week 2 was easy?! its seems silly that on the grand scale of the C25k program that the ultimate goal is to run 5k none stop and i'm struggling on running 90 seconds! i'm sure my fitness will improve but i even had a tiny but of stitch for the last run. That said i'm feeling positive about the next run.

Here's the good news,over the past 3 weeks now i have been very strict with the diet, no chocolate, alcohol once a week, about 7 portions fruit and veg a day and today seems to be paying off... 1.5lb lighter on the scales this morning! i know i still have about 20 lbs to loose but this will keep me on track to finish the C25k and keep up the diet!

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I just completed week2 run1 last night and you are not alone. By the end I had to really push myself and breathing went out of the window on the last run but I managed it. My sister-in-law got a stitch from the 2nd to last run. I didn't notice a great difference in 60-90 seconds and was surprised I only felt like collapsing at the end.

We are suffering from shin splints. Watched a helpful program on the bbc last night called how to deal with pain. That covered sports injuries and I will be trying their suggestions. Ice tonight and elevated legs. Also ordered some proper running trainers instead of the gym ones i have been wearing.

Look forward to seeing your progress.

Jenna :)


Hey Jenna

Thanks for the comments! will have to try and catch that program on the bbc iplayer as i suffer with skin pains from the gym as well.

Hopefully the next run wont be so bad, as at least now we now know what to expect! I hope you both recover quickly and look forward to hearing how your next run goes.



I did week2 run 1 yesterday morning and I think we're all in the same boat. No way is it easy. For various reasons we all seem to be struggling with it. My problem is definitely breathing, but I hope the pollen count is something to do with it. But we're on our way to more stamina and going by other blogs we could be really running in less than five weeks. It seems impossible now but it must be true.

I also have about 20 pounds to lose and am trying home-style weight watchers. Keep us posted how you're getting on. Good luck.


Hey nevertoolate,

Thanks for the comments, i guess its reassurring to know that there are others struggling too and this blog is a good way to encourage each other to ensure that we all stay on track!

I really hope i can stick the 5 weeks, to like you said to become a runner!

How are you finding the dieting with the exercise? i'm finding it pretty tough at the moment, and i am a bit worried about how much i am likely to eat and drink over the jubilee weekend as i have a big family garden party to attend! hopefully stick to the gin and slimline tonics.

I found that the best results i had was from the tesco diet plan believe it or not which meant eating a copious amount of fruit and veg and very little carbs but i doubt that would be advisable with the exercise too.

Best of luck with your next run and look forward to hear how it goes



Hi Alyn,

I reply to your question yesterday I'm finding the dieting quite successful. Okay it's only been ten days but I'm still motivated, which is unlike me. I usually give up after three days. I don't know about you, but I feel less cravings for bad food. I'm doing Weight Watchers and this involves eating "sensibly" but controlling portions. I now make sure I eat enough fruit and veg, so I have less time for the crisps! I still have the glass of wine with the meal - not sure if/when I shall cut that out. I should be eating more carbs, like you said, but I don't honestly think my 90 second efforts are going to demand that much extra energy for now!

Today its too hot locally to run and I couldn't go this morning, so I think I'll have to get up tomorrow morning at 5.15! I'm dying to get going agai. When are you running?


Phew, glad it wasn't just me who struggled with this one - just hope things improve on the next 2 for all of us!


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