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Week 9 run 2 - listening to app after graduation?


So completed this run this morning and can't quite believe that Friday will be my final run of C25K.

I'm hitting just over 4k now in my 30 minutes which I'm very happy about.

Also very impressed by my ability to run consistently 3 times every week. I like to get out around 6.30am and do it before work so the dark mornings creeping in have been tricky but I've kept going.

I'm going to try my very best to keep to my Monday, Wednesday, Friday morning routine.

How did you graduates keep going? Did you continue to listen to the week 9 C25K app so you were encouraged on or did you just go by your own timings?

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I’ve done six consolidation runs since graduating and have thoroughly enjoyed just running for 30 minutes or 4 kilometres at a relaxed, comfortable pace.


Well done ! Almost there 😁👍

After you graduate, pay a visit to the bridge to 10k forum for ideas as to what to do next.

It's recommended that you consolidate by continuing to run your 3x30 minutes a week for a few weeks , you could continue to use the app or as you say, use your own timings or one of the other apps available such as the Nike running club app which has guided runs of different times or distances .

Here is a link to the consolidation club this will give you quite a bit of advice 😁👍



I also completed W9 R2 this morning, over the last week I have developed a sore knee but I am determined to complete R3 on Friday. Good luck with your run Friday I will be about 3 hours behind you.

Babycat-13Graduate in reply to Campione

Thanks and good luck to you too!


Well done.

When you announce your graduation I will send you a link to a guide to post C25k running.

If you cannot wait, it is sitting in the FAQ Posts, which you will find in the Pinned Posts.


I continued to take Jo Whiley out with me for a few weeks after I graduated, as I think it reinforced those 3o minutes.

nowsterGraduate in reply to Dexy5

Did she object? 🤣

Dexy5Graduate in reply to nowster

No, she kept telling me I was awesome. 😂😂

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