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W6R3 - 'I'd say you are now a runner' :D

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Whoop whoop!!! I did it!! Have only just got back in and I just can't believe it! Did I really just run for 25 minutes straight? Heck yea I did and I loved it! :D It wasn't easy but I just kept thinking 'I did 20 minutes last week this is just 5 minutes more' and it worked :)

I started off faster than usual (too eager) but I managed to maintain it till the halfway point. I was getting tired then and I thought I might give up so I slowed my pace and picked it up more nearer the end. My legs were burning but as we all know you have to push through! :) I can't believe how much my stamina has improved since week one!

25 minutes!!! I'm still in shock...

Off to have a cup of hot choc and a read of women's running now - my treat :)

Good luck to you guys who have this run soon - you can do it!!

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Well done! I'm just about to finish week 2, and don't think i'll ever be able to manage 5 minutes none stop, let alone 25 mins!

Did u feel like that at this point?

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Rosey21Graduate in reply to Jamieegg4590

Thanks Jaime! Well done for getting to week 2! :)

Yep, I felt exactly the same at that point, I feel that way at the end of every week when I see how many minutes we're doing next! But the great thing is that it really does build you up week by week, ready for the next challenge, and it never gives you more than is possible :)

You WILL manage 5, then 8, then 10, then 20 minutes etc following this plan :) It's hard work but never impossible! :) Keep it up and keep us posted! :)

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Hey Rosie - me again, always a day behind you! Just com back from mine, can you beleive we did 25 minutes! How did that happen?! Nearly killed me mind! Week 7 go girl! x

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Rosey21Graduate in reply to Barney019

Hello you :) Whoop Whoop!! :D Well done!! I know 25 minutes!!? Still can't believe it...my face still hurts from all the smiling ;)

Week 7 here we come!! :D

Well done, Rosey! Can't believe you managed a few pace changes in there as well! You are doing so well ... roll on Week 7! :)

Well done too, Barney! Bring on Week 7 :)

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Rosey21Graduate in reply to rubbishrunner

Thank you :) I can't believe I kept up the pace for so long either! I was worried I'd burn out before the end but it all worked out so I'm happy :)

How are you getting on?? :)

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rubbishrunnerGraduate in reply to Rosey21

Really struggled with the first attempt at Week 7 R1 - first time I did a 'proper run' outside, have done most of the rest on the treadmill, so epic fail :( so did it again last night and managed it OK at a pace between slow and stop! At least I have done it, just have to do it twice again now! :)

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Rosey21Graduate in reply to rubbishrunner

Well done for doing finishing W7R1!! :D and epic fail my a**e! It was your first proper run outside when you're used to a treadmill and you smashed it second time round so well done you!! ;)

That's really impressive actually because some people have struggled to run outside full stop when they're used to a treadmill so go you!!! :D

Keep it up - you're doing great :)

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rubbishrunnerGraduate in reply to Rosey21

Thanks, Rosey, you are very inspiring!

We all deserve a big pat on the back really ... and lots of treats! :)

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Rosey21Graduate in reply to rubbishrunner

*Blushes* Don't let me get a big head now...oh...too late ;)

We really are amazing, everyone on here -getting off our behinds to get fit and sticking to the program even when it really pushes us. Yep, we deserve treats for sure...and maybe a medal..? :D

Well done, I have my W6R3 to do this Sat so hopefully I can post on here with a few whoop whoops too :)

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Rosey21Graduate in reply to chimpychamps

Thank you :) Good luck for Saturday - you can do it!! I look forward to reading your blog & don't forget the victory dance!! I quite like to do the running man...badly ;)

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Well done Rosey - and Barney - and all you 25 minute runners! I'm due to do mine Saturday like chimpychamps. It sounds as though we're all ready for it so I'm putting faith in the programme and your blogs and going for it! Good luck to all of us. Can you believe how far we've progressed since we started?

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Rosey21Graduate in reply to Nevertoolate

Thanks Nevertoolate :) I'm loving your positivity! :) You've got the right attitude so I'm sure you'll do it :) I can't believe how far we've all come either, just goes to show how good we all are at sticking to it and how brilliant the program is!!

Good luck again - I'll be looking for that success blog... ;)

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Fantastic! Well done! This is the most 'smiley faces' I've seen on one blog post! Such an achievement - well done you! (btw...how do you do those smiley face things?)

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Rosey21Graduate in reply to Allyt

Thank you :) There really are a lot of smiley faces on this blog...feel free to spread the happiness:

:) = : and ) together

:D = : and D together

;) = ; and ) together

:( = : and ( together

There are more but these are the most common I think :)

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Well done Rosie!!! I attempted the w6r3 on wednesday and managed to get to 20 mins before i had to stop as i my knee was hurting, it started hurting about 10 mins in but thought 'it'll be ok'. Its ached a little before but its the first time on this programme i've had to stop lol! Attempting it again tonight so fingers crossed (especially as i've got the 5K Race for Life on sun!)

But good for you and keep going! x

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Rosey21Graduate in reply to shellieboots

Sorry to hear about your knee, but blimey, well done for doing an extra 10 minutes after it started hurting! just be careful not to push yourself too much if your bodies hurting ok :) I know what it feels like though, you just want to keep going regardless lol :D

Well done again and good luck with the racd for life :)

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Well done Rosey - feels amazing doesn't it! I did W6r3 on my own on Thursday, and had been running for what felt like AGES (determined not to look at my watch) then Laura said 'well done, you've just run for FIVE minutes' - I was so sure I'd been going for longer I actually said out loud 'oh you're kidding!' (yep, now I'm a loony runner who talks to herself). I thought - I can't do this... but the next few minutes seemed to go by and before I knew it it was 'only' 5 to go... And the feeling when she said it was time to slow down....

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Rosey21Graduate in reply to poulet

Well done you!! I know right, it always seems like you've run longer than you have! Lol :) Wishful thinking eh! ;) and you're not the only looney runner - I often shout 'woo hoo only 5 minutes left - come on!' Much to the surprise of the people walking in front lol :)

Keep it up and well done again :)

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