Couch to 5K

Day1, Week1

I know the weight has been creeping up on me over the last few years, but It all started yesterday, when I stood on the weighing scales and cried. The scales said 144 pounds (I'm 5'2") which is the heaviest I've ever been even when carrying my three children. I was 108 pounds the day I got married which was 32 years ago last week and the reality check hit be like a slap with a wet fish.

I gave up coffee yesterday (regular, 1 sugar, goatsmilk) and starved myself for most of the day - plain chicken on the bbq, 5 baby potatoes roasted with a drizzle of olive oil, handful of salad leaves without dressing, 2 slices of homemade bread with heavily salted butter (yikes) washed down with water...sure I've lost a pound already....

Got up this morning..same weight...more crying...slight of water. For breakfast, 2 shredded wheat and 3/4 pints of goatsmilk as usual, did a bit of knitting, was catching up with twitter....and EUREKA!!! someone thought this website COUCH TO 5K could be "do-able". So I clicked on the link hopeful to find the answer to my prayers.

11.15 am I downloaded the 13 step programme, by 11.20 I was doing circuits around my kitchen and dining room, in my shorts vest & crocs (not a good look but better than the standard dressing gown uniform for that time of day) followed by my panting but loving-it 18 year old collie. The walking was fine (swung my arms a bit) and the first few runs were fine (had to dodge the dog which I thought might help the thighs a bit), then I thought ok this is getting serious. Rather red in the face by the last trot, love Laura to bits (my new best friend) and cooled down - taking Laura's advice I drank a large glass of water & 4 rather sad looking strawberries (no banans in the house) and looking forward to Wednesday already.

After about 10 mins I realised I had quite a headache coming on...could be the lack of I had a little nap...ate 3 dry cream crackers and succumbed to a cup of coffee (half a sugar, goatsmilk) - maybe cutting down from around 6 cups a day to nothing was too much in one go...

Headache went within 5 mins, 3 o'clock now, soooo looking forward to Wednesday....

to be continued...

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It is fate that you have found C25K and I know you're going to do alright because you already have found a friend in Laura!!

Can I suggest that you have oats in the morning? I don't cook mine but let them soak in the milk for a few minutes. I add a few almonds and some fruit (chopped up pear is nice, or blueberries or half a banana).

This keeps me going really well until lunchtime.

You won't lose weight overnight (even if you cut down the calories and do the exercise). Sometimes I stay the same weight for a couple of weeks and then the pounds drop off all in one week!

Keep up the protein (chicken/eggs/oily fish are good sources). You will need this for the running.

Good luck and keep us posted :)


Ditto everything TJ said....don't try to change too many things at once. If I had to give up my morning coffee (it smells soooo good when I come in from my run) I'd be gutted. And don't worry about your weight (I know you are, but, so are most of the rest of us, including me). It'll come off....but it takes time. Mine will drop 5 pounds then next day jump right back up...enough to make you quit weighing yourself every day. Watch the "trend" didn't put it on in a week, and it sure isn't coming off in a week.

Keep up the good work...not only do you have Laura to encourage you, but you have your loving collie to keep you company on your runs...a win/win for sure!


Good luck with the podcast - it gets addictive! You're in a fortunate position as you've found this place. Everyone is very friendly and supportive and will help to keep you on track. Only 9 weeks to a new you :)


By the time you reach week 5 you won't care if you weigh 100 or 200lb!! No kidding, this programme really changes how you view yourself and how to not give a damn what anyone else thinks. You may think I'm crazy but just you wait and see :)

Welcome to living with the running bug :)


Don't trust the scales! Go by measurements instead! I found the scales didn't move much at all at first, but measuring myself once a week with a tape measure on my waist, belly and thighs, I really started seeing a difference! And don't starve yourself, just be sensible! :) Welcome to the club!


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