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W2 Run2 - Managed it ... even after a day at the office!

Wednesday is my run day where I have been at work all day. This was the first time as last week I was on leave. Have to say I found it ok but did feel a slight difference - just a bit more tired than usual.

But hit my stride around the 20 minute mark again and I could have gone on a bit longer. Although by the end I was sweating big time (too much info LOL). Looking forward to Saturday's run and the end of week 2. Itching to challenge myself with week 3 already! What is wrong with me!! :)

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Just becomes and addiction!!! :-) Keep Running!!!


Well done! I finished w2 run 3 last night. Like you, I ran after work. It was the last thing I wanted to do after a tiring and stressful day but once I got out there it was great and I felt so much better. That sense of achievement I get when I finish a run is second to none!

Aiming to start week 3 tomorrow, bring it on!! I agree with smhall, it is addictive! Good luck.


Another who has been sucked in by this "cult"....! Well done Sue; runs after work are not the easiest but you have Saturday to look forward to. Good luck!


Thanks everyone. Legs are a little tired today but nothing I can't cope with. Just some "light" ha ha exercise after work with my kettlebells to look forward to.

And I agree about the sense of achievement when the run is finished. Its great. Also pleased that I made my little mini-target of doing over 3.5k by the end of week 2. Managed it last night with a distance of 3.51k! :)


YEP! You are addicted! :-)


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