Week 6 Run 1 and I thought it was going to be easy...ha ha

After running 20 minutes last week I set out today feeling confident that this run would be a breeze. How wrong could I be!

Calfs were tight for first few minutes and I really couldn't wait for the lovely Laura to say half way and then the final minute to go.

But. As soon as I was home could hold a conversation rather than make a lot of hand signals as couldn't string a sentence together in previous weeks for a while so must be getting fitter.

Now to start calorie counting.....

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  • Brilliant! Well done you :) I am finding W6 tough too but R2 was easier than R1 for me. Phsychological for me I think!. R3 tomorrow . Glad you can speak after your run - definitely an improvement! :D

  • W6R1 is generally considered to be the worst run, I know it was for me. W6R3 somehow seemed so much easier than R1, no idea why.

    Well done on finishing, you did it and that is the main thing.

  • I thought exactly the same thing - this should be a breeze after W5R3 - big mistake!!!

    Looking forward to getting stuck into R2 tomorrow!

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