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Fit not Fat for 50: 6K!

It was just sooooo nice to be back running 'properly' again after illness that I got up at 6.30 am on a Saturday (Warning newbies: this is what C25K can do to you!) got kitted up and reminded supportive OH that he had said he'd come with me. Well, OK, so I didn't exactly say that this would involve him rising and shining at the crack of dawn, but off we go avoiding the heat of the day.

Kept it pretty slow and just drank in the sunshine, the birdsong, the views. OH scampered off like a naughty puppy to do extra but kept returning to base and we just couldn't stop grinning. Six weeks ago I was huffing and puffing and delighted to run for 20 minutes. I graduated a little under 2 weeks ago running for 30. I am now pleased to say I ran my first 6K in 48 minutes. Going to BBQ tonight for my son's 21st - must dash to get a quick swim in before the preparations begin....

Happy running everyone - stay cool! :-P

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You are doing so well. Love it when you get back from a run and are grinning that's what it is all about.

I went out at just after 8am today and it was so warm already. Perffect for lying in the garden (where I'll be shortly heading) reading but not for running.

Enjoy the bbq! :)


Too hot in the garden atm! When was the last time we said that?!



(simply sharing in the smiling)


:-) :-)

(and back to you too)


Happy post: enjoy your afternoon :)


What a postive vibe you have Tapira, running is certainly a mood enhancer! A good solid time for 6k too... enjoy your bbq.


Wow that's anamazing time well done! :)

Hope you enjoyed the BBQ :)


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