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Fit not Fat for 50: That's week 8 done and dusted and I'm a happy bunny

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I got up at 5.45am to go running this morning so I could run before work, knowing I had to work late tonight. I hate the way work gets in the way of C25k at times! I laid all my running gear out on the bedroom floor so I would have to trip over it so couldn't avoid it, waved goodbye to my sleepy OH and off I went to the local park. What a lovely morning: fresh green leaves on the trees and the lightest of drizzle to cool me down, which was just as well as old Sleepy Head had forgotten to drink her usual glass of water and eat half a banana before setting out..... duh!

I'm really not much of a runner in terms of style or substance, my breathing is nothing like Laura suggests, more like a steam train and if I'm meant to run in time to the music that er just doesn't happen.... I'm not very fast (3.65km in 28 minutes today) but I am getting fitter and dammit I feel pleased to be out there asweatin' and apuffin' and aglowin' and agrinnin'... Whenever I feel I can't quite face the next 20 minutes I just make myself smile and shake down my arms and it really seems to help me to the halfway mark....and then a little bit more... and then to that next tree...that next corner....

What started on a treadmill in March is now Loud (that's the breathing) and Proud (that's the grinning).

And if I can do this - anyone can! :-)


10 Replies
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what a lovely blog. glad you had a fab run today - i'm smiling for you whilst reading it! 3 more runs to graduation!!!

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TapiraGraduate in reply to AliB1

Hi Ms Mojo! Great to hear all your successes and firsts over the last few days. Good luck for your parkrun!

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I'm smiling too :)

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TapiraGraduate in reply to Bxster

Well I'm pretty much still smiling...even after working late. All the best for your 5K race

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Good your doing so well, you will be a graduate before you know it.

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TapiraGraduate in reply to Burstcouch

And glad to hear you are still bursting from your couch! hope your post-graduation running is going well.

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Loud and Proud. Love it! Well done! And SO early too!

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TapiraGraduate in reply to TJFlute

Definitely a lark not an owl.... but yip 30 more minutes under the duvet would have been nice ... but the run plus 'yey!-feeling' was even better. Hope you are having a good week

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Morning runs best for me too, but I've not managed that early. I'm struggling to keep up the 3 runs a week so maybe this is a solution, particularly now the mornings are lighter :) and wetter :(

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Don't like the wet for being slippy on the grass but once I warm up (which doesn't take long!) I confess i quite like running in the drizzle. Which is just as well given the recent weather! It IS hard to fit in 3 runs but I reckon that my improved fitness helps me work better too so if I'm a little later in - so what?! Obviously that only works for some types of job....

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