Couch to 5K

W7R2-Jubilee pennants

What a glorious morning it was! There was very little wildlife of note this morning, and even the black and white cat that usually looks disdainfully at me as I puff by was absent, though I was slightly chased by 2 dogs (one was mine so she doesnt really count). Instead of wildlife though, I played 'spot the bunting'. There were squares with union Jacks (fresh colours), pennants with union jacks (fresh colours), pennants with union jacks ('vintage' colours) and a few vintage fabric union jack pennants. I'm guessing the price goes up in the same order? And before I knew it-Laura said I could walk the last five minutes. I feel really good after that, but I'm not looking forward to the next 2 runs as they are my treadmill runs. Maybe I should be braver, but I just cant face the early morning commuters that I know I would meet. Sundays are so much quieter.

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Ah the dreaded treadmill runs, I can safetly say I detest the treadmill, it is so dull isn't it?!?! Get out there again, be brave, why hide away? you are doing a great thing be proud ;)


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