Completed on Tuesday as it should have been. Didn't really like or enjoy it, think I'm just so bored of running round my estate, I do kep adding little diversions in though & the time seems to drag & drag. 

I'm also finding the first 10 minutes are the absolute hardest & I really need to push myself to keep going, I seem to be ok after that. Any ideas why guys??

Anyway R3 tonight again with my friend doing the 3 mile run so lets see how that goes

Good luck all running this week & well done those who've completed xx


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9 Replies

  • Why not choose a new route each time!  Variety being the spice of life 

  • Not that simple when surrounded by hills & because of my heart issues I have to stay close ish to home in case I need to call for help. Not so bad when I run with my friend when we do a totally different route but when I have to run alone I have no option. x

  • Any chance your 5 min warm up walk could take you off the estate. You could do a loop out on the main roads (pavement). There may be public footpaths that you could explore too! Then finish with a cool down walk back to your house.

    This may not be the case where you live but its what I did when I got bored running on my estate.

    Also that tricky bit, 10 mins in seems to be the norm. Just start slowly, know its coming and know that you will be able to deal with it. Then the rest of the run is fine.

    Good luck...not far from graduation now! 😊

  • Sadly not, Sheffield unfortunately is build on 7 hills & I live on a main road which goes up, flat, up, flat etc etc. I have changed my route a few times trying to figure the best way, I start my 5 min warm up walking up the hill that I wouldn't be able to run up just to get my body going lol. It's juts difficult as I said because I have to stay quite close to home.

    Thank you for the suggestions though. Maybe once I get better at running & lose more weight I'll feel ok running the hills. I see runners out all the time & I just think bloody hell how are you getting up this road?? hahaha


  • I agree hills are bad. No need to try and tackle them.. its hard enough on the flat.. 😅

    Good luck with the rest of the program you are doing brilliantly...

  • Thanks Jan, much appreciated x

  • Sometimes it is almost easier going up hills running than walking because you automatically start to take smaller steps (not saying you get up them fast) But best saved for post-graduation maybe.

    That first 10 minutes grousing is soooooo common. I think this is one of the reasons that doing the programme and running is so beneficial - you learn to 'be with' these feelings, not exactly ignoring them but just accepting them... without being deluded into thinking you have to act on them.

  • Rignold posted a reply to someone recently on another thread about just this issue. It made a lot of sense but I can't remember the technicalities of it. In any case the first 5-10 minutes are hard as your body adjusts to running. After that time your body has adjusted to the challenge and so it stops being such a struggle. Think it was to do with oxygen transport but not really sure anymore.

  • Thank you. Yes I've been told it's takes about that time for the blood all over your body to oxygenate or something. Makes sense I guess thanks x

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