W5R3 fail

What happened, I don't know.. I ran for 10, and then I just started walking, thinking 'nooooo whhyyy?!' - I felt knackered but did I feel SO tired I HAD to stop? I'm really not sure whether it was physical or mental! But I carried on running after 30 sec or so, for a few mins, then walked prob 60 sec, ran again.. then walked again I think? Well whatever, I didn't run for 20 is the main point here! I thought I;d be able to do push myself to do it but no...how annoying. My bf said I should go out again today which I was kind of tempted to do but didn't want to risk 2 fails in one day, and thought it might be even harder 2nd time round as my leg muscles would be tired. So I will attempt it again on Tuesday, hopefully my annoyance will get me through.

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  • It seems that quite a few of us have had bad runs today, don't be hard on yourself, you tried and any run is better than sitting on your bum doing nothing. Tuesday is a whole different day and we should all go out with a clean slate and have fabulous runs.

  • fist of all you didn't fail. You had a bad run. A few weeks ago I bet you didn't think you would be attempting a 20 min let alone achieving a 10 min run. Just try not to focus too negatively on the run It will come. Take it from someone who didn't manage the 20 min run first time round. Good luck for Tuesday, sending you positive thoughts.

  • Thanks both - yeah, at least I improved on the previous 8 min run! Kind of wish I didn't have to wait til Tues to try again but I suppose I must. I normally run better after work anyway, as I am fuelled up from breakfast and lunch, so hopefully that will help.

  • I agree that you should have a rest day before trying again. I would also try to start off more slowly than on your previous runs so you can feel more confident of keeping going for the full 20 minutes - you can always pick up speed later on if you feel good, whereas if you start off too quickly you're likely to struggle to recover easily. You've still made a lot of progress and you can feel proud of what you've achieved. Best of luck for Tuesday :-)

  • Good advice, thanks - I can definitely feel the muscles starting to ache now so a rest day is definitely what is needed. I will start off more slowly on Tues, although I was going rather slowly anyway ha!

  • I completed W5R2 today so I'll be doing the same as you on Tues. Scared to death! I'll be thinking of you x

  • Well done - we can do this! Let's start slow, and try to focus on the next 5 min milestone rather than thinking about the big 20 from the start, as I think that was a big mental block. I'm sure that is what made me stop running actually, antoher 10mins sounded awful whereas if it was another 2 or 3mins I reckon I would have pushed on. Hope that make sense! 4 x 5mins just feels much more doable! Good luck :-) x

  • Thanks for the tip, feel more positive about it. I'm determined to nail it first time as I'm going on holiday the week after. Hope it goes well for you. Let's check back on Tues x

  • Excellent, I'm sure that determination will help too! Yeah will update on Tues x

  • Hi, I too will be doing W5R3 tomorrow - as someone who repeated my week 1 runs as I was so unfit it does feel amazing to be aiming for 20 mins tomorrow ! Just feels a very big step up from 8 mins! Good luck all tomorrow - good to think that I won't be alone :)

  • It does sound like you had a mental block. I read some great advice on here that got me through it. I read someone who said they got "in the zone" or in a rhythm with their first 20 min run so I remembered that would happen and kept going, and it did happen eventually.

    I actually found the first 5 mins extremely hard and thought I'd never do it but would you believe it got easier after that?! I just took it slow but I did have to seriously distract myself by counting in my head towards the end. I really do think it is mental. Yes it kind of hurts physically but you can do it, you've basically already done it!

    If you're doing it today good luck!

  • Wooooo - did it! Going very slowly to start seemed to work, I could feel myself panicking a bit after a few mins, they really are the hardest aren't they?! I then found some sort of rhythm and it actually went quite quickly. At about 11 or 12 mins I couldn't help smiling to myself, as I think I knew then that I was going to be able to do it. What a relief! Hope you guys cracked it today too :) x

  • Well done, it is such a fantastic feeling when you know this one is going to be the run when you crack it. Enjoy the lovely feeling.

  • Fantastic! Well done. I did it myself too today. Found the middle section probably the hardest but as you suggested took it 5 minutes at a time and by the time I'd got towards the last 15 mins there was no way I was going to give up - I kept thinking of everyone else going for it today.

    Such a great feeling ........... onwards :)

  • Thanks all and well done Funnygirl! I also focussed on 5 mins at a time, which definitely made it easier on the panic levels. I think the beginning and end were hardest points for me. Looking forward to week 6 now, I think!

  • Good to read someone else having such problems with day 3 but overcoming it, I've built it up in my head as such a big hurdle now. Jumping from 8 minutes to 20 seems insane. I've started my own post on this but this may just give me a wee push to try it again. Well done!

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