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W1R3 - epic fail

I'm not sure if it's coz I slept too much last night, or coz I didn't go for a walk yesterday, or because of what I was wearing (my previous running gear ended up in the wash too late), or maybe coz it was blustery weather...

So many things could have caused it but irrelevant of the cause it was awful - no rhythm, no pace, no breathing control, serious stitch on both sides, pulled calf muscle, pulled groin all topped off with me ending up in tears and giving up (I think about half way through but I lost count of runs in all the chaos) :-(

I guess I need to try to put it behind me but I don't take failure well...

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There can be any number of reasons why you have an "off-day" but that is all it is, an "off-day". Please try not to worry about it - it certainly doesn't mean that next time won't be fine. Sometimes it can just be that you weren't really in the mood....

Start off gently so that you can keep going at a steady pace, if you have extra energy left near the end you can finish on a faster run !

If it makes you feel any better, my friend at running club ended up in tears after a "bad" run recently - and she's run half-marathons and marathons before that and two half marathons since feeling tearful and disheartened - like I say, everyone can have an "off day". Put it behind you and pat yourself on the back for showing such determination.

Good luck for next time !


ITA with sfb350. If you've pulled a calf muscle and your groin, any kind of running is going to be impossible, so it's important to rest and relax so you heal quickly and pick up where you left of with W1R3. The fact that you're so upset shows how much this means to you and ultimately that is a good thing, but sometimes the body just isn't willing, however much the mind and the heart will you to press on.

Trust me, in a day or two you'll feel mentally and physically better and you'll have run 3 in the bag. Stay positive!!


The only failure will be if you let this stop you! Rest up - I hope you can get back to it soon.


Thanks everyone - at least I tried and will keep trying after few days rest - sometimes I can be my own worst enemy I am very hard on myself... Back on the horse soon, keep on keepin on and all that ;-)


Don't be hard on yourself. The very fact that you were out there doing it is brilliant!

I saw somewhere on a blog that even if you don't complete the run or have a bad one, you're still out there lapping the people still on the couch.

I love that and use it as a bit of a mantra to keep me going.

No two runs are identical. Just chalk it up to experience and wait for the feeling when you have a really great one.

Don't give up. :)


I understand where you are coming from, but please remember you are new to this and its a big change for your body and for your mind - and if it was easy it wouldnt be worth doing! :-)

As my 7 times marathon running sister always says, "any run is better than sitting on the sofa with the Pringles" :-O.

Have a couple of days rest, then get back out there again. And make sure you don't skimp on the warm down walk (longer than 5 mins if possible) and, crucially, remember to do a good range of stretches afterwards to help avoid those niggly injuries/strains. It doesnt have to be straight after, I usually wait till I am in the comfort of my living room after I have driven home.


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