Couch to 5K

Two women in my life ; )

I have to confess that this morning, for the first time in 7 weeks, I wasn't looking forward to my run. My W6R2 was hard, strange when it was less running than eprevious runs, but there's the great mystery of running. Anyway, I was worried that if I struggled with 2x10 min runs, with a recovery walk in between, then today's run would be horrendous ...

The first 5 mins were not fun. I took Laura's advice and just tried to find a good rhythm, and not to go too hard or fast.

Five minutes in, was not enjoying myself. Then Laura went very quiet .... surely I must be up to 10 mins?!? Then, I heard the magic words - 12.5 mins, the half-way point! It felt suddenly very empowering to be entering the second half. Maybe I over built up in my mind what 25 mins feel like - here I was in the second half, I turned round and made my way back.

The second half flew! In no time at all, Laura was encouraging me to dig in for the last 5 mins, and then when she said to try to up the pace for the last 60 secs, I thought why not - now, I relaized after perhaps 30 secs that I was not going to sustain my finishing sprint, but it felt amazing to give it lilty and thunder the last minute. What a rush of endorphins! I think I was a little bit high - and so might have thought the poeple on their way to work who saw me grinning like a fool!

Ha - a fool who just ran 25 mins! :)

It was during the cool-down walk that I remembered - did Laura not have a special message for me today? Had she forgotten, had I not heard ... ? And then it came - Laura is proud of me and says I'm now officially a runner!

I'm a very simple man, really. All it takes is for a woman to tell me she's proud of me and I'll run faster, tell me I'm oficially a runner and it has made my day! :)

Laura is brilliant. But I would like to thank my wonderful wife who has also become an official W.O.R. ('wife of runner') - I wake her up getting ready for early morning runs, I come in all muddy and sweaty, I bore her senseless with my running talk ... I couldn't have done it without her :)

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oh bless!! i'm sure the wife is very proud of you too! x


Well done! I think I must bore my husband senseless with my running chat even though he too loves running, I think it's something we new runners probably all do, with friends, family etc!! :)

Congrats on the 25 min run - not long to go now!!! :)


What a nice guy! I wish all husbands appreciated their wives as much :)

My OH just shakes his head and mutters about me being mad and too old for such foolish pursuits.

i went to the optician today for a sight check and he regretted asking if I had taken up any new hobbies he should put on his computer system...poor man! I didn't manage to persuade him to do C25K but had a good try :)


ha ha ha this made me giggle.


I was really peeved I had to wait until the end of the cool-down walk for the magic 'you're a runner' words - I needed it as soon as I'd done the 25 minutes and raised my arms in the air, the moment had gone. Especially since I'd got confused and thought you got the 'runner' accolade at the end of Week 5 and been disappointed then.


thats so great to hear. & "officially a runner" woohoo :)

12 year old did this run earlier in the week & I didnt remember it being right at the end of the podcast that Laura makes her announcement. still, made doodle's day ~ she was grinning & giggling all the way home :) if Laura says it then its true :)

congratulations. no more walking now :)


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